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Newly attributed portrait by Lucas Cranach the Elder goes on display at Windsor Castle

Royal Collection Trust staff install Portrait of a Lady and her Son in The Kingâ??s Dressing Room, Windsor Castle. Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2017.

LONDON.- The painting Portrait of a Lady and her Son, c.1510–40, recently discovered to be by the German master Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472–1553) and his workshop is on public display at Windsor Castle from today. The painting was a Christmas gift from Queen Victoria to Prince Albert in 1840 and is part of the Royal Collection. The double portrait shows an unidentified consort of a Prince-elector of the Holy Roman Empire and her son, their hands clasped together. Although acquired by Queen Victoria as a work by the Renaissance artist, by the early 20th century the painting was considered to be the work of Franz Wolfgang Rohrich (1787–1834). The composition has an intimacy which was thought to have been Rohrich's invention and uncharacteristic of Cranach's style. Rohrich was a prolific imitator of Cranach and produced over 40 versions of this portrait. He sold them as original works by Cranach, and they can be foun ... More

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A mummified fetus extracted from the Cemetery of San Jose in Granada and belonging to the Anthropology Laboratory of the University of Granada is prepared to be displayed at the ´Athanatos. Immortal. Death and Immortality in populations of the past´ exhibition showing the different funerary rituals in past populations and the scientific advances in the field of funerary archaeology at the Museum of Nature and Man on the Spanish Canary island of Tenerife on November 22, 2017. DESIREE MARTIN / AFP.

PIASA announces the sale of a remarkable painting by Eugène Delacroix   Oude Kerk opens a radical and site specific exhibition by Christian Boltanski   New giant predatory dinosaur species found in southern Africa

Eugène Delacroix, Alexandre et les poèmes d’Homère - sketch for the Palais du Luxembourg library - Canvas in a hemicycle ceiling situation, model - 48 x 127 cm. Estimate: 80 000 / 120 000 €.

PARIS.- PIASA announced the sale of a painting by Eugène Delacroix coming from a private collection. This painting was made in 1840 for the decoration of the senator’s library in the Palais du Luxembourg. Sold in 1864 during the artist's atelier auction, the piece travelled from private collections until the present owner. The Delacroix Museum in Paris retains another similar conception model for the Palais Bourbon library’s hemicycle, the theme of “Orpheus comes policing the still savage Greeks”. Thanks to Thiers’ support, Eugène Delacroix was commissioned in 1840 for the decoration pf the senator’s library in the Palais du Luxembourg, which he would finish six years later. The set includes a dome, four pendants and a hemicycle situated over a window, made with marouflaged canvas. On the cupola, Delacroix painted a theme inspired by Dante’s Inferno, Canto IV, the limbo where are gathered the heroes of Antiqui ... More

The artist has created a site-specific composition consisting of seven different works that address the existential question of what happens after our life has come to an end.

AMSTERDAM.- A radical and site specific exhibition by Christian Boltanski is being held in the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam this fall. Boltanski is known as one of the greatest artists in the world, with a ouevre that deals with the way we remember and commemorate. In a lieu de mémoire like the Oude Kerk, with its eight centuries of history and 2,200 memorial stones, his work is very much at home. The artist has created a site-specific composition consisting of seven different works that address the existential question of what happens after our life has come to an end. Considering the fact that Boltanski made a bet on his own life that expired this year, this work is very much autobiographical. NA (after) is an exhibition that is expected to have a profound impact on the audience. The installations, which are in proportion to the size of the centuries-old church, are invasive and they address the visitor even in a literal sense. ... More

The newly discovered dinosaur, named "Kayentapus ambrokholohali," had three-toed footprints measuring 57 by 50 centimeters, giving the creature an estimated body length of around nine meters.

WASHINGTON (AFP).- An international team of scientists have found the footprints of a giant carnivorous dinosaur that roamed southern Africa 200 million years ago, the first proof that T. Rex-like predators existed during the Early Jurassic period. The newly discovered dinosaur, named "Kayentapus ambrokholohali," had three-toed footprints measuring 57 by 50 centimeters, giving the creature an estimated body length of around nine meters (30 feet) -- four times the size of a lion, and slightly smaller than the iconic Tyrannosaurus rex which grew up to 12 meters long. It is also the largest megatheropod -- or giant two-legged carnivorous dinosaur -- discovered on the African continent. Researchers from the The University of Manchester, University of Cape Town, South Africa, and Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil published their findings on Wednesday in science journal PLOS ONE. They discovered the tracks on ... More

Bones of freed slaves 'haunt' St. Helena island   Ancient Chinese frescos, modern Chinese paintings, Chinese seals and Zisha teapots lead Gianguan Auctions sale   Nobel literature academy shaken by #MeToo sex scandal wave

St Helena resident Alonzo Henry looks at a site map in Rupert's valley on October 19, 2017, where the skeletons of 325 former slaves were found. GIANLUIGI GUERCIA / AFP.

JAMESTOWN (AFP).- The only pointer of what lies inside the stone storehouse within the grounds of the prison is a printed note pasted to an old grey door. "This is to mark the temporary resting place of 325 liberated African slaves brought to St. Helena against their will. They now wait in this room for their final resting place," it reads. Candles and a bouquet of wilting white arum lilies sit in front of the wooden door on the remote British island of St. Helena in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean. Nine years ago, the skeletons of the former slaves were discovered during the construction of the island's first airport. Since then the remains have been kept in cardboard boxes in the prison storehouse. Every Sunday, Annina Van Neel Hayes, 30, an environmentalist born in Namibia, pays homage to the forgotten dead by laying flowers in front of the padlocked door. It was she and her friends who put up the epitaph. ... More

Ming, Hui Meng Chen Zisha Teapot with Applied Mountainous Landscape and Inscrip on Ar st mark: Hui Meng Chen In the Mountain. Lot 261.

NEW YORK, NY.- The making of the Chinese aesthetic that began in the Neolithic age and continues to evolve today has made the arts of China among the most sought after in the world. Collectors of revered objects–from Song Dynasty frescos to Yuan ceramics, classic and modern art to signature seals and Zisha teapots–will find strong collections at Gianguan Auctions upcoming sale on Saturday, December 9. The day’s most storied offerings are two Song Dynasty polychrome wall frescoes. The lead Buddhist work of art is a panel depicting the Water-Moon Guanyin, also known as Avalokiteshvara of the Southern Seas. She is portrayed in the traditional posture, seated on rockery, wearing robes and an elaborate headdress with gilt highlights, all backed by a double mandorla. The robes are outlined in thread relief making for an exceptionally detailed portrayal further enhanced by the quality of the remaining mineral pigment that appears t ... More

The permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy, Sara Danius, reads the Academy's press release after a meeting on November 23, 2017. Vilhelm STOKSTAD / TT News Agency / AFP.

STOCKHOLM (AFO).- The Swedish Academy, which awards the Nobel Literature Prize, has been rattled by a sex scandal as a high-profile man with close ties to the institution has been accused of assault against several women. The #MeToo campaign exposing sexual misconduct which began in Hollywood has shaken artistic, media and political circles in Sweden, one of the most gender equal countries in the world. More than 10,000 women -- including actresses, journalists, lawyers and musicians -- have spoken up and campaigned against harassment. The prestigious Swedish Academy, founded in 1786, was drawn into the sex abuse net on Thursday when it announced that several members as well as members' wives and daughters had allegedly been assaulted by the well-known figure at the centre of the scandal. "When an institution which selects Nobel laureates finds itself in this type ... More

K11 Art Foundation and MoMA PS1 co-present .com/.cn in Shanghai   Häusler Contemporary Zürich opens exhibition of paintings by Gary Kuehn   Exhibition at the Parkview Museum Singapore features works by 34 contemporary artists

Miao Ying, Effect #3, 2017. Oil on canvas, 150 x 150 cm. Photo courtesy Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder, Vienna.

SHANGHAI.- The K11 Art Foundation and MoMA PS1 co-present .com/.cn, the first project jointly presented by the two institutions as part of an ongoing research partnership. Originally presented during Art Basel Hong Kong in March 2017, the new iteration of .com/.cn in Shanghai is co-curated by Klaus Biesenbach, Director of MoMA PS1 and Chief Curator at Large at The Museum of Modern Art, and Peter Eleey, Chief Curator of MoMA PS1. Featuring work by Darren Bader, Trisha Baga, Cao Fei, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Aleksandra Domanović, Gregory Edwards, Li Ming, Liang Wei, Lin Ke, Mak Ying Tung, Miao Ying, Jon Rafman, Martine Syms and Wang Xin, the exhibition further investigates regional differences within the digital ecosystem and their effects on contemporary art. The exhibition takes place at the chi K11 art museum, one of the leading art centers in Greater China. .com/.cn ... More

Gary Kuehn, Black Painting, 1971. Acrylic on canvas, 248.9 x 182.9 cm / 98 x 72 inches. Photo: Patrick Cipriani.

ZURICH.- Häusler Contemporary Zürich is presenting both early «Black Paintings» by Gary Kuehn as well as selected recent work from this series, in context of the artist’s sculpture. This juxtaposition highlights Kuehn’s conceptual and process-based approach, and his significant contribution to the historical shift in 1960’s sculpture towards a material, procedural methodology. Our exhibition points to the themes that he has been grappling with throughout his career: the relation between geometry and natural forces, between limitation and freedom. Is it possible to provide a visual experience of gravity and inertia, of the elemental constraint caused by pure form? Gary Kuehn (*1939, New Jersey, US, lives in New York, US), one of the major representatives of «Process Art» in the 1960s, has been addressing this question until this day. With his sculptures made of everyday, industrial materials he repeatedly ... More

Maurizio Nannucci, New Times for Other Ideas, Courtesy of the artist,

SINGAPORE.- The Parkview Museum Singapore announced the contemporary art exhibition, The Artist’s Voice, the first show in a series of thematic exhibitions presented by The Parkview Museum aimed at exploring the complexity of our historical time through the narrative language of contemporary art. The Artist’s Voice runs until 18 March 2018. The Parkview Museum Singapore is the first stop for this exhibition. The exhibition, curated by the internationally acclaimed curator and art historian Lorand Hegyi, features 34 contemporary artists from various countries and across different generations. These works suggest a strong belief in the ethical character and powerful mission of contemporary art to convey visual metaphors about human existence, through strong expressive language which reinforces and highlights the emotional, passionate and human character of contemporary art. This exhibition focuses on the capacity and comp ... More

Nicolas Party transforms Modern Art Oxford into a theatrical set inhabited by a cast of large female heads   Thousands of Spaniards urge ban on foundation exalting Franco   Important work by Mario Schifano to be featured in Ketter Kunst's December Auctions in Munich

Installation view. Photo: Stu Allsopp.

OXFORD.- This winter, Modern Art Oxford presents a new commission by Swiss artist Nicolas Party (b. 1980, Lausanne, lives and works in Brussels and New York). Party transforms Modern Art Oxford’s Piper Gallery into a theatrical set inhabited by a cast of large female heads. Speakers is a contemporary monument and a response to what the artist perceives as the heavily masculine energy of Oxford’s architecture and academic histories. A key reference point is the set of carved stone busts that crown the railings of Oxford’s Sheldonian Theatre (first sculpted for the site in 1662–83), known colloquially as ‘the heads of the emperors.’ The heads are unique, individually painted sculptures, dominating the physical space of the gallery at a height of two metres tall. The five sculptures produce an atmosphere of immersion and drama. Party has designed the heads to incorporate a soundscape which will offer up ... More

A man waves flags of Francoist Spain during a commemoration marking the 42nd anniversary of the death of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco in central Madrid on November 19, 2017. PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU / AFP.

MADRID (AFP).- More than 200,000 Spaniards have signed a petition filed in parliament on Thursday asking the government to ban the National Francisco Franco Foundation (FNFF), which glorifies Spain's former dictator. "In Germany or in Italy, it would be unthinkable to have a Hitler Foundation or a Mussolini Foundation," read the petition, filed by a group that included descendants of victims of the Franco regime, in power from 1939 to 1975. Nearly 219,000 people signed the petition, which wants a law prohibiting an entity that glorifies a dictatorship and its crimes from obtaining the status of a foundation. "It's beyond understanding that a democratic state allows such an organisation to be a foundation meant to accomplish work of general ... More

Mario Schifano, Untitled, 1960/65. Mixed media. Acrylic and pencil over collaged newsprint on board, 120 x 90cm. Estimate price: € 140,000-180,000.

MUNICH.- He showed his works in exhibitions with Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, he was a rock musician and made 16 mm films. Now an artwork by the great Schifano will be called up in the auctions of Modern Art, Post War and Contemporary Art at Ketterer Kunst in Munich from 7 - 9 December. Mario Schifano was one of the most acclaimed representatives of Italian Postmodernism. After World War II his family relocated from Libya to Rome. He had little interest in school, instead he liked restoring old ceramics, a skill he head learned from his father who was an archeologist and restorer. But Schiffano wanted more, so he began to express his creativity in painting. He had a strong preference for monochrome color fields and experimented with newsprint, made collages and soon had his international breakthrough. Exhibitions in Italy ... More

What impassions me most is the portrait, the modern portrait. Vincent van Gogh

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Exhibition of collages and video works by Christoph Niemann on view at Galerie Max Hetzler
BERLIN.- Galerie Max Hetzler is presenting a solo exhibition with collages and video works by illustrator, artist and author Christoph Niemann at Bleibtreustrasse 45. This is Niemann's third exhibition with Galerie Max Hetzler in Berlin. Christoph Niemann is known for his humorous and poetic illustrations in which he often brings onto paper the complex, unpredictable and partly absurd situations of daily life with only a few lines and basic means precisely. At Galerie Max Hetzler Niemann presents a group of video works and thus enters a new visual territory. The occupation with moving images already appears during the last years in his apps and computer animations, often in combination or emerging from Niemann’s drawings. But within the last months during his travels, Niemann collected numerous short film sequences of everyday moments on the street, the park, the beach ... More

Amsterdam Art Weekend opens sixth edition
AMSTERDAM.- From 23 to 26 November, the city of Amsterdam dedicates four whole days in celebration of contemporary art for the sixth time during the Amsterdam Art Weekend. The only contemporary arts festival of its kind in the city brings together the cultural sector in a unique way. A tantalising program gives visitors the opportunity to discover the latest in Amsterdam’s contemporary art scene. Popular highlights of this year's programme include the Gallery Night and the RijksakademieOPEN. The Oude Kerk, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, The Black Archives and Framer Framed present their new exhibitions. De Balie, EYE, ISO and De Ateliers also hold additional events. Amsterdam Art Weekend includes over 100 exhibitions and events this year. In addition to the Gallery night, several galleries organise free events that are accessible for everyone ... More

Interdisciplinary group VAVD Editions' 'The Aerial Kit' opens at Moderna Museet
STOCKHOLM.- The Aerial Kit is an art project about humanity’s urge to exceed physical and social limitations by using the air space. Based on some 15 more or less remarkable life stories, events and phenomena between 1809 and 1989, the project explores how air space has been used for existential, visionary or subversive purposes in the Nordic region. The stories are all locally rooted but their content is universal. The interdisciplinary group VAVD Editions worked on The Aerial Kit from 1984 to 1989, in the shadow of the 1980s art boom. This group consisted of the artists Peter Andersson (project manager) and Måns Wrange, the designer and literary historian Lars Svensson, the international law researcher Pål Wrange, and the aviation expert Roland Zinders. Assisting them was a loose network of experts and specialists. The project resulted in a multiple, ... More

Effort under way to save historic McDonald's "Store No. 1"
CHICAGO, IL.- It has been closed to visitors for a decade with few noticing. But, when McDonald's announced it would demolish "Store No. 1," a small midwestern US community rallied to save the structure. Built on the site in a Chicago suburb of the first McDonald's franchise restaurant, it is actually a replica of the original. Coming to the proposed rescue is another institution commemorating a distinctly American endeavor: the automobile. The Volo Auto Museum, located in a small community near the border of two midwestern states, Wisconsin and Illinois, has asked the fast food giant to give the replica to the museum. Museum chief Brian Grams told AFP on Friday that he has not yet received a response from McDonald's. "With the holiday, I would expect a delay. Finger crossed I hear something early (next) week!" he said by email. ... More

PEER exhibits a new site-specific installation by Catherine Story
LONDON.- PEER announces Shadow, a new site-specific installation and the most ambitious work to date for Catherine Story in her first solo exhibition for a public gallery. Commissioned by PEER, Shadow melds the artist’s long preoccupation with the staging and lighting of 1930s films and Cubism, with a new interest in the dramatic landscape and geometric architecture of North Africa. Constructed across two thirds of PEER’s ten-metre wide gallery space, Shadow converges Story’s diverse influences in a precisely illuminated three-dimensional topography of backdrop, painting and sculpture. During the day the installation is open for visitors, but on dark winter evenings it transforms into an enigmatic mise-en-scene with elements of the work creating a playful shape-shift between interior and exterior, film set and streetscape. In January, Shadow is accompanied by a short ... More

teamLab creates a playful and immersive world to delight kids and adults
SYDNEY.- teamLab Future Park is the latest exhibition by Japanese art collective teamLab. Featuring eight interactive light installations never seen in Australia, Future Park is on view now exclusively at the Powerhouse Museum. As the first teamLab interactives to come to Australia, Future Park is a playground for children and adults alike that brings together science and imagination to create collaborative artworks that change and evolve each day. visitors will be swept into jungles of dreamt-up forests, compose symphonies, build cities and invent animals and people of the future. “teamLab is known for pushing technology to its limits to encourage our imaginations to flourish. It is so special to witness creativity at its source and we can’t wait to see what visitors dream up as they create huge live, collaborative artworks in Future Park,” said MAAS ... More

The IMMA Collection presents Porous Plane, a solo exhibition by Lennon
DUBLIN.- Now open at IMMA, a new exhibition by Lennon entitled Porous Plane, presents a range of work from the 1970s to the present which includes 1/3/92B, 1992, from the IMMA Collection and Folded/Unfolded MM 1972 (for Fiona), 2017, shown originally in Lennon’s first solo exhibition at the Project Arts Centre, Dublin in 1972 and remade especially for the IMMA Galleries as part of this exhibition. Lennon’s exhibition is part of a curatorial approach that explores works in the IMMA Collection where artists are invited to place their early work among their current practice - ‘Then and Now’. Lennon’s art began in the 1970s with the Folded/Unfolded paintings and has continued to explore innovative forms of painting, most recently, AL13s, Denier7s, Autochthones and the on-going Arbitrary Colour Collections. The Folded/Unfolded paintings first appeared ... More

Tyburn Gallery opens a solo exhibition of works by Victor Ehikhamenor
LONDON.- Tyburn Gallery is presenting In the Kingdom of this World, a solo exhibition by Victor Ehikhamenor. Hailing from Edo State, the historic seat of the Benin Empire, Ehikhamenor is a multi-disciplinary artist whose signature patterning, a mélange of gestural abstraction and stylised forms, adorns everything from paintings to photographs to immersive installations, producing a hypnotic experience, a sense of both meditative repetition and an ongoing narrative being told. For this exhibition, Ehikhamenor expands on his work in the Nigerian Pavilion at this year’s Venice Biennale, by exploring the material form of identity and the intricate connections between history, spirituality and art. In a series of intricate perforated works on paper and a new body of work composed of rosaries sewn on canvases and lace material, the artist weaves elaborate images ... More

Baghdad cafe marks 100 years as intellectual hub
BAGHDAD (AFP).- Seated at tables with glasses of tea in the heart of Baghdad's bookshop district, the customers of Shabandar cafe have watched 100 years of Iraq's tumultuous history pass by. Since opening its doors a century ago, the establishment has become a hub of Baghdad's intellectual life, drawing poets and politicians to its wooden benches and photo-lined walls. "I've been coming here for the past 60 years," Abdel Fattah al-Noeimi, 77, tells AFP, dapper in his spotless brown suit and matching tie. "At nine in the morning until two or three in the afternoon, when everyone is leaving." From British rule to modern-day Iraq, Shabandar has lived through the birth of a nation, the toppling of its monarchy, decades of domination by Saddam Hussein, the drama of the US-led invasion and the bloody chaos that followed. The twists and tragedies have all left their mark on the cafe. ... More

Hong Kong lights up for Lumieres festival
HONG KONG (AFP).- Glowing cartoon Inuits tumbled down Hong Kong's post office building and a forest of illuminated bamboo rods lit up the city centre as part of a visit by France's famous Lumieres festival. Local and international artists joined the extension of Lyon's Fête des Lumières in a city well known for its ubiquitous neon signs, giant billboards, flashy skyscrapers and a nightly harbourfront light show. The three-night show, which launched Thursday, saw light creations beamed onto some of Hong Kong's landmark heritage buildings, with other installations brightening shopping areas and parks. Local artist Keith Lam said the festival went some way to addressing Hong Kong's lack of publicly accessible artworks. "The streets and the public spaces in Hong Kong are so tight and dense and there are so many people, so it's a challenge to do public art," Lam ... More

Li Ming wins The HUGO BOSS ASIA ART Award 2017
SHANGHAI.- Larys Frogier, Director of the Rockbund Art Museum (RAM), Chair of the HUGO BOSS ASIA ART Jury, and Jerome Bachasson, Executive Director, HUGO BOSS Greater China, announced today that Li Ming has been awarded the HUGO BOSS ASIA ART Award for Emerging Asian Artists 2017. Li Ming (b. 1986, in Yuanjiang, China; lives and works in Hangzhou, China) was selected out of a shortlist of four artists, including Tao Hui (China), Yu Ji (China) and Robert Zhao Renhui (Singapore). The works of all four finalist are displayed at RAM from October 27, 2017 to February 11, 2018. Larys Frogier said: “With the precious contribution of the HUGO BOSS ASIA ART 2017 nominators and jury members, we are extremely proud to present the award to Li Ming. His oeuvre constitutes one of the most meaningful and advanced contemporary visual creations ... More

How to paint like Pablo Picasso (Cubism) | IN THE STUDIO



On a day like today, 'Max Klinger. The Drama of Man and Woman' opened
Noviembre 25, 2011. OLDENBURG.- An employee of the Horst Janssen Museum in Oldenburg walks through the exhibition 'Max Klinger. The Drama of Man and Woman' and checks the art works helped by the catalogue of the special exhibition in Oldenburg, Germany. About 100 exhibits concerned with the relationship of man and woman were presented between 25 November 2011 and 19 February 2012 at the museum.

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