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A mysterious monolith appears near Las Vegas. Why? It's anyone's guess.

A photo provided by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department shows a mysterious monolith near Gass Peak, a trail in the Desert National Wildlife Refuge north of Las Vegas. It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. A tall, vertical column mirroring everything around it, with no explanation of its purpose and origin. (LVMPD via The New York Times)

NEW YORK, NY.- It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. A tall, vertical column mirroring everything around it, with no explanation of its purpose and origin. Cue the crescendoing cascade of instruments from the theme music of “2001: A Space Odyssey,” a film that featured a large monolith. Only this is not the view from a distant space outpost or a part of Earth in an alternative reality. This vertical object stands by a hiking trail on the northern side of Las Vegas — a finding that police are calling “MYSTERY MONOLITH!” “We see a lot of weird things when people go hiking like not being prepared for the weather, not bringing enough water… but check this out!” read a message posted on social media Monday by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. The department said that LVMPD Search and Rescue, a volunteer or ... More

The Best Photos of the Day

His family survived the Nazis by living in a chicken coop   Ancient genomes reveal which children the Maya selected for sacrifice   Bokförlaget Stolpe publishes book on the intersection of royalty and architecture throughout the ages

The National Holocaust Museum is set in a historic location, a former teacher training college. © Mike Bink.

NEW YORK, NY.- In 1942, when Max Heppner was 8, his parents told him they were leaving Amsterdam to go on a family vacation. Instead, they went into hiding in a small farm town in the Netherlands, Zeilberg, where they lived out the war in a chicken coop. Max’s father, Albert Heppner, was a Berlin-born art dealer specializing in Dutch old master paintings. This was the second time he and his wife, Irene, had to flee the ... More

The exterior of an intricate Maya building, with decorative masks carved into the side, in Uxmal, Mexico on Feb. 3, 2019. (Adrian Wilson/The New York Times)

NEW YORK, NY.- In the spring of 1967, workers building a small airport behind Chichén Itzá, the ancient Maya city in Mexico, ran into a problem: Their excavations had uncovered human remains in the pathway of the proposed runway. The airport was set to serve VIPs who wanted to visit Chichén Itzá. But with the remains so close to a major ... More

Royalty and Architecture: Visions and Ambitions of European Monarchs and Nobility. Text by Clive Aslet, Frank Salmon. Photo: Italgraf media.

STOCKHOLM.- In the richly illustrated Royalty and Architecture, well-known scholars provide examples and perspectives on the importance of monarchs for architecture and architectural policy. From palaces and gardens to ornamental interiors and other artworks, this volume presents historical examples in which leaders of European nobility or aristocracy served as surprisingly active ... More

Art Institute of Chicago returns pilaster to Phanom Rung Temple in Thailand   Group exhibition delves into the multifaceted realm of collage   Kiira Miesmaa appointed Director Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma

The Phanom Rung temple is the place of origin of another object—known as the Vishnu lintel—that was previously in the museum’s collection and that was returned to Thailand in 1988.

CHICAGO, IL.- The Art Institute of Chicago, in collaboration with the Kingdom of Thailand, announced today that it has initiated the return of an object—a fragment of a pilaster with Krishna lifting Mount Govardhana—to its place of origin in Thailand. The museum is committed to ongoing provenance research ... More

Kathia St. Hilaire, Mer Twa, 2024. Oil based relief collage with paper and steel, 67 x 54 1/2 in. 170.2 x 138.4 cm. Image courtesy of the artist and Monique Meloche Gallery. Photo: Bob.

CHICAGO, IL.- moniquemeloche is presenting Collage Culture, a group exhibition that delves into the multifaceted realm of collage as a hybrid process, presenting a selection of artists whose practices traverse diverse visual languages. The works on view contribute to a rich tapestry ... More

Kiira Miesmaa. Museum Director. Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Pirje Mykkänen.

HELSINKI.- One of the main challenges for the future of art museums is sustainable development and climate change, says Kiira Miesmaa, the new director of Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art. Another challenge is the freedom of expression for artists and art museums. Miesmaa took up her post as director in early June. “I believe in seeing and experiencing art physically, ... More

Daniel Dezeuze is showing his latest work at Templon Brussels   Juan Ignacio Vidarte to end his service as Director General of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao this year   "Bauhaus Typography at 100" features Herbert Bayer and other celebrates Bauhaus typographers

Daniel Dezeuze, Bouclier 2, 2013-2014. Painting on wood and metal, 150 × 64 cm — 59 × 25 1/4 in.

BRUSSELS.- Templon Brussels is ending the season with an exhibition by one of the leading figures of the French Supports/Surfaces movement: Daniel Dezeuze. The 82-year-old artist is showing his latest work - a series of sculptures, paintings, drawings and installations - all inspired by his discovery of long disappeared cultures outside Europe. Daniel Dezeuze has spent ... More

Juan Ignacio Vidarte considers that the time has come to close this phase of a cycle and write another chapter in the history of the Museum, giving way to new experiences and reflect the ideas and perspectives of the next and emerging generations.

BILBAO.- At the meeting of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao’s Board of Trustees held May 20, Juan Ignacio Vidarte announced his decision of stepping down as Director General of the Museum over the course of the year, thus culminating a long, fruitful ... More

Few design movements have shaped contemporary typography quite like the Bauhaus.

ASPEN, CO.- The Resnick Center for Herbert Bayer Studies (the Bayer Center), located on the Aspen Institute campus in Aspen, CO, announces the opening of its new exhibition Bauhaus Typography at 100. This collaboration with San Francisco-based Letterform Archive, which features Herbert Bayer’s innovative typographic design opened June 11, 2024, and runs through April 26, ... More

Sullivan+Strumpf now representing Tiffany Loy   Dayton Art Institute presents works by women artists   Reckonings and Reconstructions: Southern Photography from the Do Good Fund on view at the Figge Art Museum

Tiffany Loy in her studio, 2024. Photography by Jing Wei.

SYDNEY.- Sullivan+Strumpf announced representation of emerging Singaporean-based artist Tiffany Loy. Tiffany Loy is an emerging Singaporean textile artist whose practice is defined by both experimental technique and material complexity. Awarded a Masters in Textiles at the Royal College of Art, London, and trained in industrial design in Singapore and textile-weaving in Kyoto, Loy employs an investigative approach to weaving, to materiality, and to art- ... More

Chakaia Booker, Urban Butterfly, 2002, rubber tires, wood. Courtesy Sara M. and Michelle Vance Waddell Collection.

DAYTON, OH.- This summer, the Dayton Art Institute (DAI) will present a bold new exhibition showcasing the extraordinary works of women artists. Riveting: Women Artists from the Sara M. and Michelle Vance Waddell Collection will be on view from June 22–September 8, 2024. “Women have made immense contributions to the arts, but for too long, their work was often overlooked or dismissed,” said DAI Director & President Michael R. Roediger. ... More

Vanessa Winship (b. 1960), “Colleen, March 17th, 2012, Lexington, Kentucky, USA,” 2012. Archival pigment print, 20 × 16 inches. The Do Good Fund, Inc., 2017–115. Copyright the artist.

DAVENPORT, IA.- An exhibition celebrating the ever-changing American South through the lenses of over 60 diverse photographers is now on view at the Figge Art Museum. Reckonings and Reconstructions: Southern Photography from the Do Good Fund surveys the Do Good Fund’s sweeping photography collection to tease apart the tangled cultural memory of the American South. The show ... More

The artist draws what he has to make others see. Edgar Degas

More News
Huey Lewis musical to close on Broadway as new shows struggle
NEW YORK, NY.- “The Heart of Rock and Roll,” a new jukebox musical powered by the songs of Huey Lewis and the News, will close on Broadway on Sunday. The show is the second to announce plans to close in the wake of this year’s Tony nominations, joining “Lempicka” on the list of productions that could not find an audience during this jam-packed spring. “The Heart of Rock and Roll” opened April 22 to better-than-expected reviews, but picked up zero Tony nominations. The show will have played 24 previews and 72 performances. During a very crowded period on Broadway, the show was unable to break through: It grossed $272,051 in the week ending June 9, which is not nearly enough to cover the running costs of a full-size Broadway musical. “The Heart of Rock and Roll” is a freewheeling ... More

You talkin' like him? A convention lets De Niro fans get in on the act.
NEW YORK, NY.- Amy Cakes has dozens of tattoos, but the one she got on Friday would stand out simply because the ink was applied amid a celebration of all things Robert De Niro. As Cakes, 32, an operations coordinator at the Tribeca Festival, rolled up her sleeve, the eerie glow of the actor’s face played on a loop in the background, a sequence of shots of Max Cady, the character with cryptic, ominous tattoos De Niro played in “Cape Fear.” Participants could choose from five tattoos he sported in that 1991 drama, including a panther and the phrase “Time the avenger.” Cakes selected a clown with a gun, as De Niro’s mien scowled on the screen above. This was the inaugural tattoo of De Niro Con, a three-day series of events honoring the 80-year-old actor and coinciding with the final days of the 2024 Tribeca Festival, which ... More

Joanna Warsza appointed new City Curator of Hamburg
HAMBURG.- With the internationally renowned curator Joanna Warsza, the Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg and the Kunsthaus Hamburg are carrying forward the project on art in public space. Taking up her position as Hamburg’s third City Curator in October 2024, Joanna Warsza will foster the development of art in public spaces and initiate discussions on urban and social issues with artistic projects: “Particularly in the current challenging political times, I believe that art helps us to overcome isolation and division. I am delighted to become the City Curator of Hamburg and to lead this unique project without any walls, alongside the artists, citizens, city representatives and the Kunsthaus Hamburg team, embarking together on a fascinating journey from the cosmos to the commons towards the idea of a planetary public sphere.” ... More

Anouk Aimée, enigmatic star of 'A Man and a Woman,' dies at 92
NEW YORK, NY.- Anouk Aimée, the French film actress who became an international sex symbol as the aloof, enigmatic and sensual star of Claude Lelouch’s 1966 romance “A Man and a Woman,” died Tuesday at 92. Her death was announced on social media by her daughter, Manuela Papatakis, who said her mother died at home in Paris. Aimée had already made a considerable impression in international film, particularly in Federico Fellini’s movies “La Dolce Vita” (1960), in which she played a sex-hungry Italian socialite, and “8 1/2” (1963), in which she portrayed the lead character’s jealous but patient wife. But it was with “A Man and a Woman,” a 28-year-old director’s low-budget project that went on to win the Oscar for best foreign film, that she created the image that endured throughout her career. As an em ... More

FOTOHOF opens an extensive retrospective of the work of Edith Tudor-Hart
SALZBURG.- The work of the Austrian-British exile photographer Edith Tudor-Hart (1908 - 1973) is shown in the exhibition »A Steady Eye in Turbulent Times« in an extensive retrospective. In recent years, the FOTOHOF>ARCHIVE has been given all the negatives still in existence, an extensive collection of vintage prints and her scrapbook (an account of her publication activities), which are now being presented to the public for the first time. Edith Tudor-Hart (née Edith Suschitzky) was a central protagonist of social documentary photography between 1930 and 1955. She drew attention to social grievances, dealt with topics such as poverty, integration and women's rights and depicted the living conditions of the working class. Her work was influenced by the Neues Sehen [New Vision] style and made an important contribution to the ... More

Camera Austria opens "Anouk Tschanz: Actinism"
GRAZ.- “Photography is neither a human representation nor a tool, [Walter Benjamin] argues, but rather one of the primary means through which the world discloses itself to us. What it reveals is uninformed by human consciousness—not just because it exceeds our optical capacities, but also because nature ‘speaks’ a different language to the camera than it does to the human eye: one based on analogy.”¹ Making reference to the aspect of indexicality, the art historian Kaja Silverman notes that “photography’s truth is disclosive, rather than evidentiary.”² Silverman likewise identifies in Anna Atkins’s famous mid-nineteenth century cyanotypes of algae and ferns an artistic sensitivity for analogies of form, which Atkins describes, independently of a botanic taxonomy, as “impressions of the plants themselves.”³ Contrary to William Henry ... More

Britain's Top 100 Grocery Brands of 2023: New display at London's Museum of Brands
LONDON.- A new display featuring the top-selling grocery brands of 2023 is launching at the Museum of Brands. Britain’s Top 100 Grocery Brands will open on 25 June 2024 and run until 31 October 2024. Now in its fourth year, the display reflects trends in the British public’s shopping habits in the last year. Although the top 10 has retained its big-hitters, with Cadbury, Coca Cola and Walkers on the podium once again, the 2023 list saw a few newcomers joining the usual suspects, such as Silver Spoon, M&Ms, Ambrosia and Dolmio. The biggest jump was Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime, featured at number 64, a staggering 94 positions higher than the previous year. The demand for more health-conscious food remained a key trend, with 2023 seeing the launch of products like Cadbury’s Fruitier and Nuttier Trail Mix and Starbucks’ Doubleshot Espresso No Added Sugar. ... More

Jay-Z's big Tonys duet with Alicia Keys was pretaped
NEW YORK, NY.- It drew one of the biggest roars of the night at the Tony Awards: Alicia Keys was performing a medley from her Broadway musical “Hell’s Kitchen” on Sunday when she walked out of the auditorium and was shown joining Jay-Z on a marble staircase for “Empire State of Mind,” their 2009 love song to New York City. “Had to do something crazy — it’s my hometown!” Keys said as the cameras followed her walking out of the auditorium at the David H. Koch Theater in Lincoln Center. A video screen onstage cut to Jay-Z, the Brooklyn-born rapper and mogul, as he performed from the curved marble staircase just outside the auditorium. Keys was seen joining him. There was a reason Jay-Z never appeared on the Tonys stage except in video form, though. In a savvy trick of the production, the reunion between two of music’s ... More

Grand Rapids Art Museum presents large-scale outdoor installation by Jess T. Dugan
GRAND RAPIDS, MICH.- The Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM) announced today the opening of Jess T. Dugan: Look at me like you love me, a large-scale outdoor installation on the Museum’s exterior. The installation will open June 20 and remain on view through Sept. 28, 2024, for ArtPrize. Located on the Monroe Center side of the Museum, the installation is comprised of photographic portraits of individuals and couples displayed as large window murals. Captured by Dugan over the course of seven years, the portraits in the installation explore desire, intimacy, companionship, and the ways our identities are shaped by these experiences. Much of Dugan’s practice is informed by their life experiences and identity as a queer, non-binary person. Dugan is drawn to subjects who embody an inner strength alongside the ability to be ... More

"Creation Stories: Carrying Our Traditions Forward" opens at the Museum of Vancouver
VANCOUVER.- On June 19, 2024, a new exhibition featuring 10 emerging and mid-career Indigenous artists will open at the Museum of Vancouver. Creation Stories: Carrying Our Traditions Forward provides an opportunity for the 2022 YVR Art Foundation (YVRAF) scholarship recipients to exhibit works created with their awards. “We are excited to be working with the Museum of Vancouver on this fourth collaboration to showcase exceptional artworks by our scholarship recipients,” said Elisabeth Kyle, Executive Director of the YVR Art Foundation. “The Foundation’s work is dedicated to developing and advancing BC and Yukon Indigenous art and artists, and the partnership with MOV creates an important and meaningful opportunity for reach, visibility and representation in a public museum.” Emerging Artists include Randall ... More

San Francisco Fashions That Slay the House Down (ft. D’Arcy Drollinger) | Drag Art History



On a day like today, Flemish painter Rogier van der Weyden died
June 18, 1464. Rogier van der Weyden (1399 or 1400 - 18 June 1464) was an Early Netherlandish painter whose surviving works consist mainly of religious triptychs, altarpieces and commissioned single and diptych portraits. He was highly successful and internationally famous in his lifetime; his paintings were exported – or taken – to Italy and Spain, and he received commissions from, amongst others, Philip the Good, Netherlandish nobility, and foreign princes. In this image: Rogier van der Weyden, Werkstatt, Kreuzigung Christi (Abegg-Triptychon), um 1445, Eichenholz, Mitteltafel: 103,5 x 72,4 cm, Flügel: je 103,5 x 32,8 cm. Riggisberg bei Bern, Abegg-Stiftung. © Riggisberg, Abegg-Stiftung, Christoph von Viràg, 1999.

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