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Best PC Speakers For 2019

Have a good sound on the PC, it necessarily goes through a speaker or quality. Whether it's for gaming, watching movies or simply listening to music, you'll have more fun with PC speakers that send big and beautiful sound. It is a very competitive market, there are many manufacturers and many references, so it is not always easy to navigate.

Between big brands that are not always up to par, and small manufacturers that can sometimes surprise, sorting is not easy and you may have trouble making your choice. I suggest you to discover my comparison through my selections of what is best, the best value for money or the top entry level. -For special conditions like listening to music underwater or the need for speakers to be waterproof, marine speakers are the best for that kind of job. Refer to this link for that:

The best of the best: Bose Companion 20
If you are looking for the best current product in stereo 2.0, then it is probably to this Bose Companion 20 speaker kit that you have to turn. It is a product that has proven itself, and that delight all its happy users. The quality of manufacture is first of all at the level of a high-end product. The materials are of quality and the assembly very serious. A wired remote control very original, allows us to play with the volume and cut or put the sound of a simple touch.

The sound is exceptional for such compact equipment. The bass is particularly surprisingly deep for such small boxes. The clarity of the entire audio spectrum is very attractive, and we will take a lot of fun in our different uses, whether for music, cinema or games. So yes, some will find it a bit expensive for speakers PC, but it's really a very powerful system, while remaining super compact. Click here to discover more options.

The best value for money: Creative Inspire T10
Here, it's really the design that immediately seduces. The assembly and finishes are worthy of a much more expensive product. There are also competing references that are much more expensive and do not have such a high level of manufacturing quality. The use is very simple, with a wheel for the volume, and another knob rather nice to adjust the sound tone and therefore change the overall audio rendering. The connection on the front is complete with a headphone jack and an auxiliary port, it's perfect.

On the sound side, the surprise is again very good. The sound is clear, we discover or rediscover the details of our favorite songs. The bass is present and especially striking, without coming to drool over the rest of the spectrum. It's a rather round and warm sound, without aggressiveness despite detailed highs, in short, it's very interesting. My full and detailed opinion can be found by clicking here.

The top entry-level: Logitech Z120
No longer presents Logitech, which generally offers good products on all levels ranges. These Z120 speakers are at first very compact, rather sexy and of a very satisfactory quality of manufacture for the price. The use is simple, with two connection possibilities, via USB or 3.5 mm jack. A single wheel then allows us to change the volume.

The sound is obviously not at the level of products mentioned above, including a fairly restrained power, which is only suitable for office use. Anyway, the sound reproduction is good, with some good bass, and especially a very good overall balance. This 2.0 stereo speaker kit is really good for less than 20 €, and if you have a small budget, I think it is to these Logitech Z120 that you should turn.

Some references that might interest you
Because everyone does not necessarily look for a standard stereo speaker pair for their PC, some will need a subwoofer or surround sound, and others will want a nomadic multimedia speaker, I suggest some additional products that might interest you.

Speaker kit with subwoofer or surround

Logitech Z623: An interesting compromise

THX-certified speakers come with a subwoofer. This is a stereo 2.0 kit among the best I could try. I already appreciated the design and manufacturing quality of the serious of each element. It's both sober, modern and elegant. The use is very convenient, with a right satellite speaker that adjusts both the sound of the speakers, but also that of the box. On the same satellite, a headphone jack and an auxiliary port to connect the smartphone are present.

The sound is really great, obviously with very large bass that full power are even too deep for the rest of the spectrum. For the game however, in order to vibrate with each explosion, it's pretty good. The sound is precise and very clear, confirmed by the THX certification. There is no aggression despite a great detail, and we take pleasure both for the game, the music or the cinema. This is great equipment, at a price in my opinion very correct.

Trust GXT 658 Titan: Performance 5.1 Surround Sound
Very complete, this kit is a 5.1 surround model that has 6 elements: A subwoofer, a front speaker, and 4 satellites to place on the sides, in front of or behind you. It is a product that can be used as a home theater, and that will be very suitable for the game to immerse yourself in the atmosphere, and detect by ear where the danger comes from ... The quality manufacturing is very good, with a nice and modern design. We absolutely love the neon blue blinking in the subwoofer to the rhythm of music or sounds.

The use is simple thanks to a supplied remote control which allows to make our adjustments easily without having to go on the box with each modification. The audio quality is very satisfactory, with particularly interesting power and nice well defined bass. There is detail and precision, especially in the treble, and the surround works well. This is a good product that gamers will inevitably love.

Nomadic speaker
Anker Sound Core: Nomad and not expensive

Very simple but at the same time very complete, it is probably the nomadic entry-level speaker the most powerful that I could use. In front of a few more famous brand products that cost much more. This small rounded speaker has a nice design, rather modern and is available in different colors. Its controls are simple, and a mode button allows us to juggle between the Bluetooth connection, the auxiliary wired connection, and the Micro-SD card port.

The sound is pretty good, with enough power for office use or even to animate a quiet evening with friends. The audio is quite warm, and even at full power the sound is well controlled. For the price, it's a great job! We also appreciate the autonomy of 15 hours that allows us to listen to music throughout the day. A nice product, complete and cheap, that I can only recommend.

Zebra Z3: Complete and versatile
Sold at a very competitive price, this multimedia speaker will allow you to have a better sound with your PC, but also to connect your smartphones or tablets. Bluetooth pairing is effective and above all very simple. We appreciate this chamber because it is very complete. So we will be able to use Bluetooth connectivity, but also connect it wired, or listen to the radio, and even insert a Micro-SD card.

The build quality is not incredible, but the design is very modern and quite nice. The commands are not very simple to master at first, but we end up doing it. On the sound side, it's entry-level and so it's not particularly accurate. However, it's still quite a lot, including bass quite present and a well-balanced overall audio output. For the price, it is a good nomadic speaker.

The different types of speaker kits
There are actually PC speakers of any kind for different uses. There are mainly 4 types of installations, and each user will choose according to their needs, and the size of the room to equip.

Stereo 2.0: This is the most standard speaker kit. It is simply two satellites that will be placed on the right and left of the screen. This system will sometimes lack bass, and will not necessarily be suitable for watching movies or playing video games. For a small office, it's usually enough.

Stereo 2.1: This is a compromise between the complete surround speaker kit and a standard 2.0 speaker kit. These are two satellites that we place on the right and left of our screen, and a subwoofer in addition that will bring depth and depth. The system will then be more versatile. We will be able to get powerful explosions for our games or action movies.

Surround 5.1: This is the most complete kit (there are however 7.1 systems). It is a system adapted to a large room. We will thus be able to fill it with her more easily. The surround allows the sound to turn and thus immerse more easily the user, either in a movie or in a game is obviously the type of favorite kit of gamers, who can then detect by ear some sounds and thus move more easily in the game.

The nomadic speaker: Here we go out a little of the office use. The mobile speaker works in Bluetooth, and it will connect to your computer as well as your smartphone or MP3 player. So, it will serve as a PC speaker during the day for work, or to listen to music at home, and it will become a nomadic speaker on weekends when you take it outside to continue enjoying your playlists, even by the beach or camping in the mountains. On the other hand, it is not the most adapted for the game or the cinema.

For the PC, speakers are not everything!
Unlike Hi-Fi, a PC speaker kit never needs to be plugged into a PA amp. So there is no investment to predict at this level. On the other hand, the sound card of your computer does some rendering work, and it mainly manages the audio inputs and outputs of the computer. This is the sound card that transforms a digital sound file into an analog signal, which the speakers will then play.

It is sometimes possible to be disappointed by the sound of speakers, while the problem actually comes from your sound card. If you invest more than 100 € in your speakers, make sure the quality of your sound card. It will however be necessary to go through a first listening to get an idea.

The technical characteristics of PC speakers


On the data sheet of a PC speaker, you will usually find some information. The first is the power in watts RMS. This is the "effective" power. This is really what allows us to know if the speaker sends a good sound volume. Some manufacturers will talk about musical watts that they arrange a little to their sauce and do not want to say much.

For desktop use, that is, to listen to music while working, perhaps to make calls, or watch a few videos from time to time, a power of 5 to 10 watts RMS per speaker will usually sufficient. For a powerful sound in a room, especially for the game or to watch a movie, then 40 to 50 watts RMS will be interesting. Finally, if you want to dance a few people and listen to music in a fairly noisy place, it will approach 90 watts RMS.

However this data simply tells us the sound presence in a room. She does not tell us anything about quality. The sound may be very loud but distorted or even saturated, so you can never use full power. These figures should not be taken too seriously. The size of the membrane, or the presence of a tweeter on each satellite will be at least as important as the power in watts RMS.

The frequency response
It is the frequency response that tells us the capacity of the speaker system to reproduce the different sounds, both at the bottom of the audio spectrum with the bass, than at the top with the treble. Very often the manufacturers adjust their equipment according to the human ear, which perceives the sounds of 40 Hz in the bass, up to 20 000 Hz in the highs.

However, the more the frequency response is going to be wide, sometimes with 20 Hz up to 30,000 Hz, the more nuance you get and the more the sound will be rich. Speakers with a very faithful reproduction usually have a very wide frequency response.

Other important features
The size and weight of the speakers are obviously important. Already you have to know that the larger the speakers are and the more the sound will be easy to get out properly. There is no secret, miniaturization always does damage, especially on the bass. The size will be evaluated according to your office or the room to equip.

Finally, for nomad speakers, we will take a look at the size of the battery that will allow us to get an idea about the autonomy of the product. The power of a battery is indicated in math, the higher the number will be, and the longer you can usually enjoy the sound. On average, it takes about 2500 math, to get between 10 and 20 hours of autonomy.

Use a subwoofer
Before talking about the strengths of a subwoofer, we will talk about its main disadvantage: It is bulky. That said, it can be placed anywhere in the room and its orientation will not really matter. A box must always be on the ground. Integrated into a piece of furniture, it loses much of its usefulness.

He will need space around him. At the back, a few inches are enough but on the sides it must be left as much space. You must avoid placing it against a wall. It is also advisable to place it diagonally in a room by directing its exit towards the main zone where one wishes to send the sound (generally towards the middle of the room).

Before ordering, check the RMS watts of the subwoofer. Indeed, below 25 watts RMS, a subwoofer does not have much use. In this case, it is better to promote a good 2.0 stereo system and do without the box.

The goal of the box is to produce very low frequency that we do not necessarily hear, but we feel. This is good for music, but it is especially excellent for home theater or gaming. Very importantly, the subwoofer must be adjustable separately, so as not to drool over the rest of the audio spectrum.

The details that can make the difference
Orders must be easily accessible. It all depends on how you use it. For a 5.1 system that is often used from the sofa to watch a movie, then we will appreciate having a wireless remote. For a desktop system, commands on a satellite next to the screen are usually sufficient. Attention, sometimes some of the controls are on the box, which will not always be easily accessible.

The cables will be checked. Their quality is often standard, but it is their length that must be ensured. Depending on your installation, you may need longer cables. The connection is obviously interesting. Generally, there is a 3.5mm jack to connect the computer. We will also appreciate a second auxiliary input to easily connect our smartphone or MP3 player. A headphone jack can also be important.

Not necessarily expensive
Perhaps the price you pay, your PC speakers will necessarily be more powerful and powerful than those of your laptop or the screen of your desktop PC. In any case, you will have better accuracy, a more precise reproduction and increased power.

Of course, the more you go upmarket and more generally you will get effective and powerful products, with a better controlled sound. However, even at less than 20 €, there is material that really allows us to have a much better sound quality than what our computer offers. So choose according to your budget, no need to ruin, and whether for music, for office use, for games or video, you will necessarily take a lot more fun.

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