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Marina Abramovic relents and adapts a provocative piece for today

Brittany Bailey performing “Luminosity,” a 1997 work on display in "The Artist is Present," a Marina Abramovic show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, March 7, 2010. Marina Abramovic relents and adapts a provocative piece for today; in a new retrospective, a work that shocked audiences in the 1970s has been altered to suit contemporary mores. (Josh Bright/The New York Times)

by Alex Marshall

LONDON.- In June 1977, visitors to the Gallery of Modern Art in Bologna, Italy, were met with a shocking sight: Marina Abramovic, the Serbian performance artist, and her partner, Ulay, standing in the museum’s doorway, completely naked. The only way inside was to squeeze between the couple. Abramovic and Ulay remained in place for three hours, staring intently into each other’s eyes, as a stream of visitors pushed through and sometimes stepped on their toes. Then, the police arrived, and shut down the performance as obscene. This fall, Abramovic, now 76, is restaging that work, “Imponderabilia,” at the Royal Academy of Arts, in London, as part of a major retrospective of her work that runs through Jan. 1, 2024. Since Abramovic no longer performs the work herself, and Ulay died in 2020, she has recruited younger performers to take part — and there is another major difference from the 1977 piece. ... More

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Mammals' time on Earth is half over, scientists predict   Smithsonian acquires major collection about enslaved poet   Forum Gallery presents a special exhibition of prints and drawings to commemorate fifty years since Picasso's death

The waters off Addison, Maine, at sunset on July 12, 2023. A new model suggests that in 250 million years, all land will collide into a supercontinent that boosts warming and pushes mammals to extinction. (Greta Rybus/The New York Times)

by Carl Zimmer

NEW YORK, NY.- It’s been about 250 million years since reptile-like animals evolved into mammals. Now a team of scientists is predicting that mammals may have only another 250 million years left. The researchers built a virtual simulation of our future world, similar to the models that have projected human-caused global warming over the next century. Using data on the movement of the continents across the planet, as well as fluctuations in the chemical makeup of the atmosphere, the new study projected much further into the future. Alexander Farnsworth, a paleoclimate scientist at the University of Bristol who led the team, said the planet might become too hot for any mammals — ourselves included — to survive on land. The researchers found that the climate will turn deadly thanks ... More

In an undated image provided by Josh Weilepp, a statue of Phillis Wheatley in the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, with a copy of her 1773 book of poems. (Josh Weilepp via The New York Times)

by Jennifer Schuessler

NEW YORK, NY.- In September 1773, Phillis Wheatley, a young enslaved woman from Boston, boarded a ship home from London, where she had gone to promote her forthcoming book of poems — the first ever published by an American of African descent. It was not the first time Wheatley had sailed to Boston. Twelve years earlier, she had arrived from Africa as a child captive and was sold to a prominent family, the Wheatleys, who named her after the slave ship. But on this second voyage, Phillis — now a literary celebrity — picked up a pen and wrote “Ocean,” a 70-line ode full of dreaming, wonder and longing for freedom. “Ocean” went unpublished and was seemingly lost until 1998, when the manuscript surfaced at an auction. Now it has been acquired by the Smithsonian’s ... More

Pablo Picasso, Portrait de Femme, c. 1897, colored pencil and charcoal on paper, 8 1/8 x 6 1/8 inches, Courtesy of Forum Gallery, New York.

NEW YORK, NY.- As the world commemorates fifty years since Pablo Picasso’s (1881-1973) death and remembers his unique contributions to art, Forum Gallery presents a special exhibition of prints and drawings curated for quality, originality, provenance, condition, and excellent value. Spanning eight decades of Picasso’s creative expression, the exhibition will present more than thirty works spotlighting Picasso’s extraordinary early gift, his classical training, his enduring and vigorous artistic production, and his voracious appetite for experimentation in visual vocabulary and art-making techniques. Picasso treated drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture as equal conduits to his vision, revolutionizing traditional approaches to each in ways that would change forever the way we see and make art. In Picasso on Paper, we present some of the most memorable images created by Picasso including ... More

Electronic pioneers Tangerine Dream shape-shift once again   Juilliard's top-tier graduate acting program is going tuition-free   Soulis Auctions shines spotlight on giants of American Regionalism art movement

The members of Tangerine Dream, from left: Thorsten Quaeschning, Hoshiko Yamane and Paul Frick in Austin, Texas, Sept. 14, 2023. (Ilana Panich-Linsman/The New York Times)

by Steve Smith

NEW YORK, NY.- Before this past spring, the last time Tangerine Dream performed live in the United States was on Sept. 30, 2013. The occasion was “Live From Los Santos: The Music of Grand Theft Auto V,” a showcase presented during the 51st New York Film Festival. Surrounded by fellow composers and a phalanx of session musicians, the pioneering electronic-music band was hard to pick out of the crowd. But you couldn’t miss the group’s leader, Edgar Froese, front and center in his signature black hat. It was the final New York performance by Froese, who died of a pulmonary embolism in 2015. He founded Tangerine Dream in Berlin in 1967 and kept the trailblazing group alive through myriad lineups and stylistic shifts: from eerie soundscapes and hypnotic sequencers in the 1970s, through anthemic synth-pop suites ... More

Signage for the Juilliard School is seen in New York, June 10, 2021. (Jeenah Moon/The New York Times)

by Michael Paulson

NEW YORK, NY.- The Juilliard School, one of the world’s most elite conservatories, is making its top-notch graduate acting program tuition-free. School officials said they hoped that the move would make the drama division accessible to a broader array of students, and that it would make it easier for graduates to pursue careers in the arts because they will have less debt. “There’s a mythology around a place with a name like Juilliard, and I know too many people who didn’t apply because they thought, ‘I couldn’t afford it,’” said Damian Woetzel, the school’s president. “We recognize that talent is so much greater than opportunity.” Juilliard’s drama division, in which undergraduate and graduate acting students train together, was again declared the best in the nation by The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year. The school’s alumni have included Robin Williams, Jessica Chastain, Adam Driver and Viola Davis. The ... More

Margaret Brisbane (American, 1901-1970), signed and dated portrait of Thomas Hart Benton’s wife, Rita, and their son, T.P. Commissioned by the Bentons in 1934. Size: 36in x 30in (sight). Consigned to Soulis Auctions by a gallery owner who acquired several works from the Thomas Hart Benton Trust.

LONE JACK, MO.- Pride in “homegrown” artists who’ve gone on to achieve success on the national or international stage is what spurred the meteoric rise of Regionalist art. Perhaps no other part of the country has embraced the Regionalist art movement with more fervor than the Midwest, leading to the theme of Soulis Auctions’ October 14 event. The 320-lot Fine & Decorative Arts Auction is highlighted by original works created by luminaries of Midwest Regionalist and Kansas City art, including “The Big Three”: Thomas Hart Benton, John Steuart Curry and Grant Wood. America’s heartland is where painter, muralist, printmaker and art educator Thomas Hart Benton (1889-1975) was born and spent most of his life. He also studied in Paris, lived in New York City for 20 years, and summered on Martha’s Vineyard for half ... More

Private view of 'Antonio Pichillá : In Front of the Lake'   Art of the Islamic and Indian worlds including rugs and carpets at bi-annual autumn sale at Christie's   Archaeologists discover world's oldest wooden structure

Installation View. Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Xi Bauer Gallery and the artist.

LONDON.- Elizabeth Xi Bauer Gallery, London, is having a private viewing of In front of the lake, Antonio Pichillá’s first solo exhibition in Europe. This exhibition closely follows Inherited Threads, at Tate Modern, a new collection display of works by North and Latin American artists that were recently acquired by the institution, as well as Antonio Pichillá Quiacaín: Tejiendo El Paisaje, a video installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara. For the exhibition opening this September at Elizabeth Xi Bauer, Pichillá will experiment with ways of hanging and displaying his works, including: hanging them from the ceiling; video installation; as well as utilising found objects from nature and alongside those that are man-made. As well as works created in his studio positioned near Lake Atitlán, Pichillá will spend time creating works for this upcoming exhibition in Elizabeth ... More

A large Khorassan Bronze Incense Burner in the form of a lion, North East Iran, 12th century. Photo courtesy of Christie's.

LONDON.- Christie’s announces the bi-annual Autumn sale of Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds including Rugs and Carpets, a live auction at Christie’s King Street, London, on 26 October. The sale offers a curated selection of carpets, ceramics, manuscripts, textiles, works on paper and metalwork from the Islamic world. With objects originating from the 9th century to the 20th century and featuring a diversity of artistic traditions, the lots offered come from a geographical area stretching from Spain through to Central Asia, highlighting the global reach, influence and longevity of Islamic culture and celebrating the high standards of craftsmanship that continue to be prized by collectors today. A large Khorassan Bronze Incense Burner in the form of a lion, North East Iran, 12th century, (estimate £400,000-600,000). ... More

Professor Larry Barham (pictured, right) uncovering the wooden structure on the banks of the river with a fine spray. Image courtesy: Professor Geoff Duller, Aberystwyth University.

LIVERPOOL.- Half a million years ago, earlier than was previously thought possible, humans were building structures made of wood, according to new research by a team from the University of Liverpool and Aberystwyth University. The research, published in the journal Nature, reports on the excavation of well-preserved wood at the archaeological site of Kalambo Falls, Zambia, dating back at least 476,000 years and predating the evolution of our own species, Homo sapiens. Expert analysis of stone tool cut-marks on the wood show that these early humans shaped and joined two large logs to make a structure, probably the foundation of a platform or part of a dwelling. This is the earliest evidence from anywhere in the world of the deliberate crafting of logs to fit together. ... More

How complete was Stephen Sondheim's final musical?   Images that show the passage of time by Michael Wesely now on view at Esther Woerdehoff Gallery   Tampa Museum of Art welcomes 'Frontiers of Impressionism: Paintings from the Worcester Art Museum'

Stephen Sondheim sits for an interview at home in Roxbury, Conn., a few days before his death, on Nov. 21, 2021. (Daniel Dorsa/The New York Times)

by Michael Paulson

NEW YORK, NY.- Stephen Sondheim, asked days before his death if he had any sense of when his final musical would be finished, offered a simple answer: “No.” The great composer and lyricist, who was 91 at the time, in late 2021, had been working on and off for years on the show, which was adapted from two Luis Buñuel films. He had written songs for the first act but was struggling with the second. “I’m a procrastinator,” he told me then. “I need a collaborator who pushes me, who gets impatient.” Now, two years after his death, the show, which Sondheim had been calling “Square One” but which was later renamed “Here We Are,” is being presented for the first time, in a 526-seat theater at the Shed, a nonprofit cultural center in Hudson Yards on the Far West Side of Manhattan. Performances of the show, which is based on Buñuel’s “The Discreet Charm of the ... More

Michael Wesely, B1520 The Museum of Modern Art, New York. (2.5.2003 - 21.11.2004), 2004, pigment print, Unique, 125 × 150 cm.

PARIS.- Can photography measure the thickness of time? This is the question posed by the works of German photographer Michael Wesely presented in the Stilleben exhibition now opening at Esther Woerdehoff Gallery. Michael Wesely creates unique photographic images that are the result of superimposing thousands, or even millions, of individual images captured over a long exposure time. In this way, in a single photograph, we can see everything that was in front of the lens during a given period of time. If Michael Wesely's approach has similarities with video, which shares with it this recording of reality, it nevertheless captures the essence of a phenomenon, the very idea of a thing. The life of a bouquet of flowers, from birth to wilting, the flickering glow of candles watching over the dead in a Mexican cemetery and the path of the sun across the façade of the Museum of Modern Art as it undergoes renovation, are all condensed in these wor ... More

Frank Weston Benson (American, 1862–1951). Natalie, 1917. Oil on canvas. Worcester Art Museum, Gift of Desmond Callan, Mary H. Bailey, and Cristina E. Callan, 1996.106. Image courtesy of the Worcester Art Museum.

TAMPA, FL.- The Tampa Museum of Art is thrilled to host Frontiers of Impressionism: Paintings from the Worcester Art Museum from September 28, 2023, to January 7, 2024. This breathtaking exhibition, which paints a vivid picture of the global expansion and influence of Impressionism, showcases 53 works by renowned artists—including Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro, Mary Cassatt, and more. Unique to the Tampa Museum of Art’s showing, many of these pieces will be displayed for the first time outside of the Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts, offering visitors a fresh look at historic works. “Presenting these impressionist masterpieces is a testament to art’s enduring ability to challenge and redefine conventions. Their significance transcends aesthetic appeal, offering Tampa Bay audiences a crucial education on how art breaks ... More

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. Pablo Picasso

More News
Distinctive beauty of trees through still life and portraiture featured in exhibition
CINCINNATI, OHIO.- Tree Conscious is an exhibition of twenty-one artists at Solway Gallery illustrating the distinctive beauty of trees through still life and portraiture. It will include a diverse range of media spanning the early twentieth century to contemporary art from Cincinnati, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, and other international locations. The selection of two- and three-dimensional work will highlight the tree’s historical significance as a provider of sustenance and shelter throughout time; as a metaphor for growth, humanity, monumentality, and enduring life force. The exhibition will feature works by Vahakn Arslanian, Stephen Berens, Jay Bolotin, Charles E. Burchfield, Joan Drew, Bryan Nash Gill, Su-Li Hung, Hilja Keading, Tadataka Kishino, Robert Lobe, Robert Longo, Constance Mallinson, B.J.O. Nordfeldt, Lucas Reiner, Greg Rose, Jane ... More

Saher Nassar's exhibition titled 'The Front Side Strikes The Most' now opening at Zawyeh Gallery
DUBAI.- Zawyeh Gallery is now opening the exhibition The Front Side Strikes The Most, featuring the work of Saher Nassar curated by Giuseppe Moscatello. The artworks are centered on the soldier as a compelling subject, being the front visible symbol of power, despite functioning as a performer within a grander power structure. Soldiers undergo rigorous training, sometimes bordering on indoctrination, to execute commands often beyond their desires or intentions. They become pieces in a domino effect, operating in environments they cannot control. In this exhibition, Nassar adopts an observational rather than a scientific approach. The work remains neutral, neither passing judgment nor offering apologies, occasionally touching upon irony. By examining the intricate and layered motivations of those in service, the work seeks ... More

Review: 'Dead Man Walking' opens a Met season heavy on the new
NEW YORK, NY.- “Dead Man Walking,” which opened the Metropolitan Opera’s season Tuesday, is about a man trying to put off his execution. And with this show, the Met is doing its best to avoid a fatal moment of its own. For all the glamorous gowns and Champagne toasts at Tuesday’s gala, fall is arriving amid profound unease at the company, America’s largest performing arts institution. The story is the same as at many theaters: Costs are up, and ticket sales are down. So the Met, which has an annual budget of more than $300 million, has raided its endowment and trimmed its offerings, putting on fewer pieces and about 10% fewer performances. Seeing that some contemporary operas have attracted robust audiences, the company — not long ago practically allergic to works from after World War II — is making a Hail Mary pivot: ... More

Resident artist and writer Sonya Dyer unpacks 'Three Parent Child' at Somerset House Studios
LONDON.- Somerset House Studios resident Sonya Dyer presents a new commission, marking the artist's first solo exhibition in London. The installation, Three Parent Child, is the final stage of Dyer’s Andromeda trilogy, as part of her ongoing project Hailing Frequencies Open. HFO reimagines the history and radical potential of human space travel, exploring the intersections between scientific enquiry and science fiction. Sonya weaves influences including Star Trek, the legacy of HeLa cells, and mythology, to engage with ongoing conversations around monumentalism, memory and the role of speculation. Three Parent Child comprises two works. Action > Potential is a two-channel moving image work centring Andromeda, the personified galaxy and constellation that shares its name with the Aiethiopian Princess Andromeda in Greek mythology. ... More

The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation at the 8th floor opens 'The House Edge'
NEW YORK, NY.- The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation is pleased to present The House Edge, curated by Caitlin Chaisson. The exhibition features the work of sixteen artists who consider the economic dimensions of Indigenous sovereignty. Though capitalism seeks to define relations between subjects and places, the artists demonstrate how notions of land ownership, property, and consumerism are contested and rewritten through diverse Indigenous practices. Showcasing drawing, painting, print, sculpture, video, and photography, with many works exhibited publicly for the first time, The House Edge is taking place at The 8th Floor and run from September 28, 2023 through January 13, 2024. Featured artists include David Bradley, Jim Denomie, Joe Feddersen, Harry Fonseca, G. Peter Jemison, Chaz John, Matthew Kirk, ... More

Terry Kirkman, whose band was a late-1960s hit machine, dies at 83
NEW YORK, NY.- Terry Kirkman, a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter who was a founder of the 1960s pop group the Association, whose lush vocal harmonies and sugary melodic hooks propelled a string of indelible hits, including “Cherish” (which he wrote) and “Along Comes Mary,” died Saturday at his home in Montclair, California. He was 83. His wife, Heidi Kirkman, said the cause was congestive heart failure. A gifted musician who could play up to two dozen instruments, Kirkman and Jules Alexander, a guitarist and songwriter, formed the six-member Association in 1965. With a folk-inflected sound that was both sunny and sophisticated, the Association proved a veritable AM radio hit factory in its late-1960s heyday. The band’s debut album, “And Then … Along Comes the Association,” released in 1966, spawned two ... More

Armand Hammer keeps a foot in the past, but its eyes on the future
NEW YORK, NY.- New York is filled with signs advertising cash in exchange for diabetic test strips. It’s part of a lucrative, informal economy, in which insured patients can legally sell the diagnostics to uninsured buyers who can’t afford retail prices. The whole thing is absurd to rappers Billy Woods and Elucid of Armand Hammer. “It’s not an actual business,” Elucid said over plates of branzino and cavatelli in Queens. “‘I got five packs of McKesson. How much can you give me for the test strips?’ They start stumbling, and I start laughing, then I hang up the phone.” The advertisements, and what they signal about wealth disparity in the city, became the inspiration for the duo’s sixth album, “We Buy Diabetic Test Strips,” out Friday. The LP arrives at a pivotal point for the group, which formed in 2013. Over the past few years, the prolific Woods ... More

Artists take the soccer field in a 'Drunk vs. Stoned' grudge match
NEW YORK, NY.- A bunch of artists, along with some friends and family members, said goodbye to summer by playing soccer in Montauk, New York, on Sept. 17. It wasn’t the usual game. The participants split into two teams, Drunk and Stoned, and conducted themselves accordingly. The madcap sporting event went along with an exhibition, “Drunk vs. Stoned 3,” in which the works of 70 artists were displayed at a Montauk gallery and the Ranch, a 26-acre horse farm and venue owned by art dealer Max Levai. The first “Drunk vs. Stoned” was held in 2004 at a gallery in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. Critic Jerry Saltz called it “one of the most diverting group shows of the year,” adding that it was “also one of the daffiest.” There was a sequel the next year, along with a soccer game at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan. ... More

Hollywood gala will welcome striking stars, but not studio bosses
NEW YORK, NY.- Meryl Streep, who was chosen to be honored at the gala next month for the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, was initially under the impression that the Hollywood actors’ strike would prevent her from attending. The strike, after all, had already forced the Academy to delay one gala in November, where Angela Bassett and Mel Brooks were to receive honorary Oscars. In the case of the fundraising event planned for Oct. 14, it was unclear at first if SAG-AFTRA, the union representing TV and movie actors, would allow striking members to attend, and, if it did, whether any would want to go. Would it be OK to appear at such a celebratory event while the industry is on the ropes? Should actors sit at tables (costing $250,000 to $500,000) that in some cases are paid for by the studios they are striking against? And ... More

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On a day like today, American fashion designer Geoffrey Beene died
September 28, 2004. Geoffrey Beene (born Samuel Albert Bozeman Jr., August 30, 1924 - September 28, 2004) was an American fashion designer. Beene was one of New York's most famous fashion designers, recognized for his artistic and technical skills and for creating simple, comfortable and dressy women's wear. Beene's clients included Lady Bird Johnson, Pat Nixon, Nancy Reagan, Faye Dunaway and Glenn Close. In this image: Three Geoffrey Beene Dresses, Spring 1992. The Geoffrey Beene Archive.

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