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Tiancheng International announces Jewellery and Jadeite Spring Auction 2017
18.83-Carat Natural Unheated Kashmir “Cornflower Blue” Sapphire and Diamond Ring Diamonds weighing 2.02 carats each. Estimate: HK$ 28,000,000 - 35,000,000/US$ 3,600,000 - 4,488,000.

HONG KONG.- Tiancheng International Jewellery and Jadeite Spring Preview will be held from 27 May to 3 Jun (10am to 6pm), and the Auction will be held on 4 Jun 2017 (Sunday, 1pm) at 30/F Bank of China Tower, 1 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong. This spring, Tiancheng International will present over 230 lots of coveted jewellery and jadeite pieces totalling nearly HK$228 million/US$30 million.

Mr. Stewart Young, Director of Tiancheng International’s Jewellery Department, remarks, “As the auction market recovers, we at Tiancheng International continue to honour the tradition of striving tirelessly to source from all corners of the earth jewels of exceptional quality, and offering a wealth of options for our discerning clients. Apart from rare and magnificent jewels, this season we are pleased to offer a selection of charming antique pieces, ranging from an Amber Necklace Suite and Jadeite Plume Fasteners with Peacock Feathers, a Ruby and Diamond Bracelet from the 1920s to a group of Jadeite Jewellery from the 1940s. These will be accompanied by handpicked pieces from renowned brands and designers, including a 22.22-Carat Emerald Ring from David Morris, a bejeweled “Goldfish” Brooch and a Gem-set and Diamond “Fairy” Brooch from Thai designer Nisan, and fine pieces from Cartier, Harry Winston, Graff, Tiffany & Co., Mario Buccellati, Wang Guoqing and Wang Kai, which complete our extraordinary feast of jewels.”

Coloured Gemstones
Lot 121: 18.83-Carat Natural Unheated Kashmir “Cornflower Blue” Sapphire and Diamond Ring. Diamonds weighing 2.02 carats each. Estimate: HK$ 28,000,000 - 35,000,000/US$ 3,600,000 - 4,488,000

Originating from the remote Himalayan region, Kashmir sapphires feature a mesmerising deep blue, with fine light-dispersing needle-shaped inclusions that give the stone a delicate velvety texture. As the legendary mine was depleted in 1887 after a brief production period of seven years, high-quality Kashmir sapphires have largely been acquired by private collectors over the past 130 years and are rarely seen in the market nowadays. With their stunning beauty, Kashmir sapphires have since become synonymous with the highest quality in sapphires around the world.

Since its inception six years ago, Tiancheng International has brought to the market a number of important Kashmir sapphires, including the 10.88-Carat Kashmir “Cornflower Blue” Sapphire sold in 2014. Sapphires of over 10 carats are extremely rare and this season we are thrilled to present a Kashmir gem of a highly impressive size of 18.83 carats. Boasting a richly saturated blue colour and soft velvety texture, this exquisite stone embodies the most iconic and desirable attributes of Kashmir sapphires and is a living proof of the legend of the Kashmir mine.

Lot 171: 22.22-Carat Natural Untreated Colombia Muzo Emerald and Diamond Ring, David Morris. Estimate: HK$ 28,000,000 - 35,000,000/US$ 3,600,000 – 4,488,000

Established in 1962, London jeweller David Morris became worldwide acclaimed when De Beers presented their 9th and 10th Diamond International Awards to them. For over five decades, royalty and international collectors have composed the clientele of the esteemed British jewellery brand, including Richard Burton who acquired a heart-shaped diamond necklace from David Morris for Elizabeth Taylor for Valentine’s Day. Their jewelleries were constantly featured in a series of Bond movies, adorning the beauty of many Bond girls. David Morris also created the Miss World Crown, which is still in use today.

To be offered in the auction is a 22.22-Carat Natural Colombian Muzo Emerald by David Morris. As reported by the jeweller, this emerald has been kept for a century and was mounted in an antique jewellery which they acquired some years ago. Along with the increasing demand for emeralds coupled with markedly curtailed outputs from the Colombian mines over the years, Muzo emeralds are close to depletion. Colombian Muzo emeralds above five carats are rare; those in excess of ten carats are exceptionally rare.

This exquisite stone of desirable green colour is one of the finest of its kind. While inclusions in gemstones are inevitable brushstrokes of nature, this emerald, virtually transparent and flawless is highly unusual in its clarity. Originating from the renowned mine of Muzo, this gift from nature is one of the top quality emeralds ever seen in the market. Of classic, rectangular shape with impressive proportions, this is an irresistible beauty for all emerald connoisseurs.

Dazzling Diamonds
Lot 229: 29.75-Carat Natural Fancy Intense Yellow Internally Flawless Excellent Polish Diamond Necklace. Diamonds together weighing approximately 25.80 carats. Estimate: HK$ 11,000,000 - 16,000,000/US$ 1,410,000 - 2,050,000

Comprising only 2% of the world’s diamond production, coloured diamonds are much rarer than their colourless counterparts. Gem-quality coloured diamonds are even scarcer and specimens of over five carats are not easy to find on the market. This season Tiancheng International is honoured to present a necklace featuring a highly important Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond weighing 29.75 carats. With its impressive size, Internally Flawless clarity and Excellent Polish, the stone dazzles with a captivating golden yellow hue. It is also completely unaffected by the bow-tie effect, a phenomenon that commonly develops in the cutting process of pear-shaped diamonds, which makes it a rare gem of perfection. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graded it the top colour within the Fancy Intense bracket. This diamond, possessing a stunningly even and vibrant yellow glow, is very close to Fancy Vivid but offered at an estimate equivalent to one third of the market price of the latter.

Lot 107: 21.49-Carat Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow VS2 Clarity Excellent Polish Diamond and Diamond Ring. Estimate: HK$ 10,500,000 - 16,000,000/US$ 1,346,000 – 2,050,000

Complementary to lot 229 is another stunner, a 21.49-Carat Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring. Graded by the GIA as of the most desirable Fancy Vivid Colour, VS2 clarity as well as Excellent Polish, this gem is set to attract intense bidding at auction.

Lot 163: 12.31-Carat Natural Fancy Light Pink VVS1 Clarity Type IIa Diamond and Diamond Ring. Estimate: HK$ 22,000,000 – 28,000,000/US$ 2,820,000 – 3,600,000

Out of every 100,000 gem-quality diamonds produced, only one is fancy coloured, among which blue and pink stones are the most sought after. The present 12.31-Carat Fancy Light Pink Diamond boasts excellent clarity and a classy pear-shape, which typically makes the stone appear three to five carats bigger than stones of the same weight in other cuts. Over the past 250 years, pink diamonds weighing over 10 carats have been extremely scarce at auction. This 12.31-carat stone offered this spring certainly presents a rare collecting opportunity for diamond lovers.

Lot 62: 20.13-Carat Heart-shaped F Colour VVS1 Clarity Type IIa Excellent Polish and Symmetry Diamond Ring. Estimate: HK$ 13,500,000 – 16,500,000/US$ 1,730,000 – 2,115,000

Exuding a romantic girly charm, heart-shaped diamonds are deemed irresistible to many. This season one such beauty will grace the spring sale at Tiancheng International. Weighing 20.13 carats, this heart-shaped diamond is of VVS1 clarity, Excellent Polish and Symmetry, as well as Type IIa quality and is therefore completely free of nitrogen, which gives it exceptional purity and limpidness.

Lot 63: Jadeite and Diamond Necklace. Estimate: HK$ 9,000,000 - 15,000,000/US$ 1,150,000 - 1,920,000

Jadeite bead necklaces have been one of the most sought after items at auction. In 2012, Tiancheng International sold a Rare and Exceptional Natural Jadeite Bead Necklace at HK$106 million, setting the world auction record at the time for jadeite jewellery. This jadeite bead necklace comprises 41 jadeite beads, all of spectacular luscious green colour and brilliant transparency that allows the holes of each bead to be clearly visible. To amass 41 jadeite beads of superb matching quality is extremely difficult, making the necklace a great treasure not to be missed.

Lot 232: Jadeite “Laughing Buddha” and 1.50-Carat F Colour VS1 Clarity Excellent Cut, Polish & Symmetry Diamond Pendant. Estimate: HK$ 4,200,000 – 7,000,000/US$ 538,500 – 900,000

A successor to the Sakyamuni Buddha, Maitreya (the “Laughing Buddha”) is believed to be the Buddha of the future. Often portrayed laughing or with a big smile, he teaches us to take on our lives and challenges with optimism. Having a benevolent character, he is also an agent of justice and protection, dedicated to helping people attain a peaceful life and countries prosper. The present Jadeite “Laughing Buddha” Pendant glows with a fine texture and beautiful translucency and is believed to bestow on the wearer great blessing and peace.

Lot 210: “Wonder of the Ocean”. Natural Saltwater Pearl and Diamond Pendant Earrings. Estimate: HK$ 12,000,000 - 16,000,000/US$ 1,540,000 - 2,050,000

Pearls are formed by shelled mollusks in the sea. When stimulated by an irritant, these creatures secrete layers of nacre around it. After decades of secretion, only in rare and right condition yields a pearl of desirable quality and lustre. While gleaming white and smooth round pearls are prized by many, pearls of natural formation often come with a faint touch of yellow, and the pure white colour is often a result of artificial whitening. To form the finest natural pearls, it takes years to build up innumerable thickness of nacre that resembles hammer marks. This special hammer effect increases the orient of the pearls, displaying a desirable lustrous sheen.

The pair of natural pearl earrings features four pearls of substantial proportions and soft and refined lustre. A faint touch of yellow underlies the glistening silvery white, while the thick nacre displays a clear hammer effect, which are characteristics of natural pearls of the highest quality. It was a remarkable feat to assemble pearls of matching sizes, shapes and lustre as seen in this pair of earrings. With one of the drop-shaped pearls measuring 22.50 mm in diameter, this lot is certainly one of the largest pair of drop-shaped natural pearl earrings seen in the auction market in recent years. This “Wonder of the Ocean” has been the possession of an esteemed Indian noble family and it is the debut appearance at auction in over three centuries, making it a highly prized treasure.

Lot 53: Natural Melo Pearl, Natural Saltwater Pearl and Diamond “Double Dragon” Pendant/Brooch. Estimate: HK$650,000 - 950,000/US$ 83,300 –122,000

Featuring an assortment of natural conch pearls and natural salt-water pearls that form a spectacular montage of shapes, sizes and hues, this pendant/brooch is nothing short of a unique and fascinating work of art. Such collection of natural conch pearls and salt-water pearls, both are rare founds in themselves, is the epitome of understated opulence. The natural saltwater pearls are measuring from 21.99 x 10.33 x 10.33 to 8.70 x 8.59 x 5.67mm, weighing 48.67 to 3.26 carats, while the brown diamonds and diamonds together weighing approximately 5.05 carats. Two dragons of diamonds are portrayed playing with the pearls, adding a playful touch to the elegant piece. The clever design of convertible pendant/brooch allows for multiple ways of wearing for different occasions.

Lot 22: Ruby, Pink Sapphire and Diamond “Goldfish” Brooch, Nisan. Rubies and pink sapphires weighing approximately 13.45 carats; Diamonds together weighing approximately 3.15 carats. Estimate: HK$ 85,000 - 150,000/US$ 11,000 - 19,200

Thai jewellery designer Nisan is known for his captivating animal creations that come to life in dazzling gemstones, including a Titanium, Sapphire and Diamond “Butterfly” Brooch that achieved a remarkable price four times its pre-sale estimate at Tiancheng International in autumn 2016. This season we are delighted to present another work of genius by the designer, in the form of a lively goldfish. Goldfish have long been a fond subject of traditional cloisonné enamel in China. Set with rubies, pink sapphires and diamonds in a lifelike design, Nisan’s westernised rendering of the goldfish is certainly a sensation with its glittering colours.

Lot 23: Diamond Bangle, Mario Buccellati. Estimate: HK$ 250,000 - 400,000/US$ 32,000 - 51,200

In 1919, Mario Buccellati opened his first jewellery boutique in Milan and the brand has since become one of the revered names for jewellery lovers. Mario’s son, Gianmaria Buccellati, continued in the footsteps of his father and brought the brand to major cities around the world, attaining multiple accolades and establishing a fond following by celebrities including Anita Mui and Celine Dion.

Renowned for intricately textured gold and silver pieces with a tactile feel similar to tulle and damask, Buccellati continues to impress with unique masterpieces, such as the present diamond bangle made of 18 karat yellow and blackened gold. Featuring old-mine-cut diamonds as well as fine floral and foliage carvings, this beautiful bangle evokes the charm of the bygone era and epitomises the classic elegance of Buccellati.

Lot 118: Amber Necklace Suite and Jadeite Plume Fasteners with Peacock Feathers. Estimate: HK$ 40,000 - 80,000/US$ 5,100 - 10,300

The colour of the amber beads resembles the land and harvest. On account of that, the Qing emperors would wear a golden yellow court robe and an amber ceremonial necklace to pray for plentiful harvest and peaceful stability. Plume fasteners are cylindrical holders sewn atop the headwear of court officials to mount a peacock feather. As thick as a smoking pipe, a plume fastener is 2 inches long.

Made of jadeite, white jade, gemstone, enamel and porcelain, the accessory indicates the wearer’s official rank and is unique to the Qing regime. According to the imperial laws, only top-ranking civil officials were authorised to put on jadeite plume fasteners, making it a status symbols for flaunting one’s privileged status. This season, Tiancheng International offers a jadeite plume fastener from Qing dynasty and an exquisite set of amber beads from imperial court necklace. Rich in historical and cultural value, this superior set is a sophisticated treasure of imperial style.

On top of the delightful jewels and jadeite, this season Tiancheng International will offer important timepieces from various brands such as Chaumet, Chopard and Hermes.

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