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Art Taipei opens 21sr edition with more than 500 artists and over 3,000 quality artworks
A man takes a photo of an art work named "Blood Suger High" by US pop sculptor Desire Obtain Cherish ( D.O.C.) during the Art Taipei exhibition at the World Trade Center on October 31, 2014. More then 500 artists from fifteen countries take part in this annual exhibition with over thousand pieces of art works on display between Octover 31 to November 3. AFP PHOTO / SAM YEH.

TAIPEI.- ART TAIPEI celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. After one year of rumination and reflection, it inaugurates a new chapter in a more steady and placid manner. ART TAIPEI is the most important art fair in Asia. This year, the grand event is being held from the 31st of October to the 3rd of November at Exhibition Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center, featuring 145 galleries, about half of which are from overseas. The 78 foreign galleries are from 15 countries/regions, including Japan, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Singapore, Israel, Germany, U.K. and U.S. Sections in the fair include ''Art Galleries'' which features the majority of exhibiting galleries, "Classic Art Galleries" that promotes works by senior Taiwanese artists, "New Media" that draws on the status of technology island and "Young Art Discovery" which aims at incubating young artists in the country and overseas. Furthermore, young artists from Japan, Malaysia, Philippines and other Asian regions are invited to take part, making ART TAIPEI an exchange platform for new talents. Established Japanese artist Tomio Kayoma and Australian 3D body painter Emma Hack are presenting live to the audience the charm of art.

Dear Art, one’s interactions with art
An artwork is never viable without artist and connoisseur. “Dear Art,” is the spirit proposed by ART TAIPEI this year, showing a kind reminder through the starting words in letters, with the wish that each viewer can confront art directly and freely, followed by an intimate dialogue of exploration. How do we engage in a dialogue with art? Photographer Yusuke Takeda’s work “Untitled” expresses the moments in which one feels helpless and the need to be understood. Au Hoi Lam from Hong Kong presents deep reflections of her life experience, with the majority of her creations themed on life minutia that have left insightful impressions with her. Seeing her work is like walking into the scene in which the artist converse with herself while the viewers listen to her innermost world. Jin-Hua Shi, who has been inflicted with juvenile-onset diabetes since high school, has completed many performance art works while meditating or contemplating. “Pen Walking” is one of Shi’s representing masterpieces. In today’s global artistic landscape, ART TAIPEI can be the start of a certain comprehension; it can also be the starting point of a long-term relation.

Intensifying the interactions with art- My Dear First Art- my first art collection
What does art mean to you and me?

We have always focused on the interpretation of the art itself but neglected to enjoy the intimacy that exist between art and our lives. For this reason, “Dear First Art” seeks to meet the different criteria and motives of various collectors, with three categories of exhibits as follows: “True to oneself- minor collector’s investment in art” that features art pieces below US$ 2,000; “Mobile immovable” that features works between US$ 2,000 to US$ 4,000, and “The connoisseur” that encompasses art works over US$ 4,000 in price.

Those below US$ 2,000 include “Modern Family” by Romania’s Oana Facas from Mind Set Art Center. The pocket-sized oil painting is a mixture of both invented and real life moments and images, leading viewers into a unique, dream-like ambiance. In “Biologist No. 1002”, Chang Teng-Yuan of Taiwan, an emerging artist who is also the winner of Kaohsiung Awards and Taipei Arts Awards, expresses through an imaginary biologist the infinite curiosity towards the past and future of Earth. Art pieces between US$ 2,000 and US$ 4,000 include works of Masaya Chiba, recommended by Japan's ShugoArts. Born in 1980, the Japanese painter's works have been garnered in Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Japan's Mori Art Museum, Mudam Luxembourg, and the Orange County Museum of Art. Xiao Chi Tian's works from Shoreman Art International also land in this price range. The promising artist is known for unconventional expressions with Chinese traditional ink and wash. Dynasty Gallery presents "The Vision" by the duo Lin Yu-Ching and Wei Hsing-Yu, whose works show a great command of color and sense of space and have been collected by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Chuan Cheng Art Center offers "Just one of the bubble" from Fan Yeh, who illustrates modern city life with traditional Chinese landscape painting style of the Song Dynasty.

The highlight that cannot be missed: Avant-garde contemporary artists from the West and the East gather in ART TAIPEI
Japan’s Wako Work of Arts brings us the much-anticipated masterpieces from Gerhard Richter, Gregor Schneider and Walfgang Tillman. Tillman, who at 32 became the first non-British winner of the Turner Preis, and the first to have won the prize with photographic creations, has his works garnered in Palais de Tokyo, Guggenheim Museum, and Tate Britain. Galerie Urs Meile presents the work of German abstract artist Tobias Rehberger, while Sundaram Tagore Gallery brings us Hiroshi Senju from Japan, who is known for his Zen depiction of waterfalls. Taiwan’s Jawshing Arthur Liou, whose works have been exhibited in Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and Japan's Yebisu International Festival for Art–True Colors in 2014, delivers "Sonnet 27", a four-channel HD video installation that simulates marijuana's affects on the sub consciousness. Chinese artist Xu Bing, who had his retrospective exhibition in Taipei earlier this year, presents his "Background Story" through Asia Art Center. Xu employs diverse forms of expression, presenting critical thoughts on words, language or other means of human communication with block print, paper, performance art, and large installations.

Other highlights include: "Majestic Lion", a work from Shanghai's Pearl Lam Galleries by Spanish female artist Joana, who attended the 55th Venice Biennale; several works rich in South American spirit by the 82-year-old Columbian painter Fernando Botero, famous for his fat version of Mona Lisa; US street artist D.O.C, who is known for his cynical humor graffiti and will be present in ART TAIPEI in person; Chinese artist Cai Guoqiang, who is also known as a scientist, fashion designer, architect, songwriter, dancer, and movie director. Cai, winner of the Benesse Price and Golden Lion of Venice Biennales, depicts metaphysical contemplation derived from contemporary cosmology and Eastern philosophy through his creation. The sensational exhibition will be the once in the lifetime feast for all.

Contemporary art elites: Artists whose works have appeared in world's biennales, documenta, and other major art events
ART TAIPEI this year will invite many artists who have taken part in major biennials and whose performances are recognized both in the academic and artistic senses. Finale Art File from Philippines will show works by Nikki Luna who just participated in Singapore Biennale last year. The artist prefers fabrics filled with female codes or objects associated with family (eggs, milk, diapers, curtain, etc.) as her media to raise awareness toward women's existence in a patriarchal society. In early 1990, Chinese painter Ma Liuming caused a sensation in both China and the world with his performance art titled "To Raise an Anonymous Mountain by One Meter".

After 2000, Ma returned to painting from his previous likings for performance art, re-constructed some of the specific moments from his performance art over a decade ago. In a series of works, brought by Hakgojae Gallery, Ma moulds a new identity of himself codenamed Fen·Ma Liuming. Ma stopped creating performance art since 2004; Fen·MaLiuming, in this sense, is an image as well as a mourning of the artist’s past. The title “One-Tenth of a second” refers to the flash of moment of the shutter, a way that he preserves his past. As for Park Ryu Sook Gallery, it will show a giant sculpture titled Anthurium by Choi Jeong Hwa who has the reputation of “Father of Pop Art in Korea”. The artist has taken part in São Paulo Biennial, Taipei Biennial, Setouchi Triennale as well as many international large-scale art fairs. He excels at combining flowers or things that are easy to find in daily life which he would blow up, thus adding particular delight to the space. Beijing Commune will show Chinese contemporary artist Hu Xiao-yuan who took part in the Taipei Biennial this year. In the fair, she will show Wood, the Vortex beneath the Vortex No.2 with its simple form, representing the artist’s reflection of “substance” and “appearance”. Lin & Lin Gallery will exhibit several video installations by Chen Chieh-jen who has the reputation of the “indicator of contemporary art in Taiwan”. Edouard Malingue Gallery will bring works by Callum Innes from Scotland, a master of contemporary painting who has been nominated for the Turner Prize in the U.K. and whose works were shown in major art institutions like Tate Gallery in London, Guggenheim Museum in New York. Innes used to start painting by applying one single color to the entire picture before repeatedly superposing layers of paints unto the canvas, realizing each detail in a meticulous way. The entire process would sometimes take several weeks or months. The uncertainties during the period of waiting greatly enhance the uniqueness of the work. To our great expectation, his Exposed series, one of his most famous pieces rarely shown in Asia, will be shown in the fair.

Asian Value-- cross-regional and spatial cultural identification
2014 is an eventful year for Asia. There were the Sunflower Movement in March in Taiwan and the anti-Chinese movement in May in Vietnam; a coup d’etat took place in Thailand and put the country under curfew; in the Indonesian presidential election in July, Joko, as a civilian, won over Prabowo, the son-in-law of the dictator and ex-president Suharto. Through various catalysts, a series of social and economic tumults exploded one after another. Art is taken as a means of statement and the artists, by means of their unique points of view, come to interpret and read internal feelings or observations of the external world. 1335 MABINI will bring Philippine artist Kiri Dalena’s Erased Slogan, a series of photos that document scenes of large-scale manifestations on the eve of the announcement of curfew imposed by dictator Ferdinand Marcos in 1972. Through a certain post- production process, the artist obliterates one word after another on the board, as a denouncement against the government which altered history and distorted the truth of collective memory in an imperceptible way. In the work titled Incense Mantra by Taiwanese Tsai Char-wei represented by Tina Keng Gallery, the artist carves the text of Heart Sutra on a piece of sandalwood before burning the wood and documenting the process with photography and video. The work attempts to explore the interdependence of spirit and material. Richard Koh Fine Art from Malaysia will bring Thai artist Natee Utarit's Optimism is Rediculuous. Utarit has been interested in cultural and social issues; the series of Utarit is his satirical discourse on Asian identity and Asian art. Galerie Paris-Beijing which participates in the fair for the first time will show a photo series titled Hiding in the City by Chinese artist Liu Bo-lin. As a kind of protest, the work represents ordinary citizen's thoughts under the oppression of communists. "Glass Buddha" by famous female photographer Manit Sriwanichpoom is a series of work in which glass statues of Buddha contemplating in bright hues. The works present Buddha with commercial symbols, mocking the zealous believers who pray to the deity for good luck.

Asian art is often presented with discrepancies and mixed, incomplete constructs, which is the result of diverse ethnicity and the countries' shared colonial experience. Eric Fok from Macao depicts with his series of map drawings the ebb and flow of the respective cultures of the country and its colonizers. The artist expresses his anxiety and concern of the future of his hometown through a purposefully-designed visual overcrowdedness. Along the same line, the tension between Taiwanese and Chinese cultures has also carved an invisible rift in Taiwan's modern society. Yoshinori Niwa from Japan is to present his observation of Taiwan's political and social situation during the Sunflower Student Movement that had made world headline in March and April. Niwa will also appear in ART TAIPEI for a performance art featuring Taiwanese singing Taiwan's national anthem while listening to that of the Communist China. With this performance, Niwa seeks to inspect the interchangeability and impossibility of the society and history.

Have we really reached the end of the era…? The re-contemplation of the human-environmental relation
How do people face the challenges posed by the environment and keep their sanity amid the frequent natural catastrophes, severe pollution and an era filled with hints of apocalypse? The artists cut in the topic from various angles, reflecting upon the relationship between human and existence, either with their sense or sensibility. Fiona Tan, an Indonesia-born, Australia-grown female artist now based in the Netherlands, records the death of cities. She has spent a year observing the fallen Detroit, the once leading city in the field of auto manufacturing, and visited Japan's Fukushima that was severely plagued by the nuke crisis as a result of a huge tsunami in 2011. Tan has also witnessed the bleak that followed surging economic growth in Ireland's Cork. Hong Kong's Galerie du Monde displays the work from Australian artist Juan Ford, whose creation is a sustained reflection on the deteriorating relationship between human and the environment. With great command of realistic painting, Ford illustrates taped, distorted plants that symbolize the damage human has imposed on the nature. "Border Series: The Unspoken and Nature" by Ng Joon Kiat from Singapore, brought to us by Hong Kong's Osage Gallery, explores the possibility in which human and the nature develop interdependence following contentions, when the city turns to a forest and the land to sea. Indonesian artist J. Ariadhitya Pramuhendra is showing a series of pieces that addresses the tension between the environment, individuals, and urban development. In his "Drawing a Dream", a little girl in a gas mask outlines with a chalk a black-and-white imaginary world on the floor. The artist made the exhibits especially for ART TAIPEI.

From traditional ink to new media
Works of modern ink and wash have become fiery in the trading market for art. As the domestic collector’s market has matured over the years, the perseverance of art pieces has also gone a step forward. The modern ink and wash creation not only topples the West’s perception of traditional Chinese painting, but is also a means by which Chinese artists seek to breakthrough and innovate. Singapore’s Art Plural Gallery is presenting the work by French artist Fabienne Verdier, who creates linear composition painted in single color with large horsehair brushes. Yu Zhang from China delivers a bold, experimental piece, constructing a 3D image with ink and wash. Taiwanese young artist Yi-Sheng Kao offers to show his “Dream”. Kao is known for his quasi-paper cut, single-colored paintings in which the details and features of characters are sophisticatedly illustrated. Chinese painter Huayi Li, known as the Ace of contemporary traditional Chinese ink and wash painters, still favors the ancient art form despite having received his art education overseas. “Official Hat No. 2”by Jianmin Shi from China seems an elegant traditional painting featuring ancient Chinese official, but is in fact a satirical work with the official’s face replaced with stones, symbolizing the corrupt bureaucracy that has sustained for thousands of years in China’s history.

Could art go beyond canvas, xuan paper, and silk?
ART TAIPEI is exhibiting a series of mixed media artwork that go beyond the conventional frames of art, proving that such art could be as inspiring as ever. “Pluie Dans Mon Coeur Comme Il Pleut Sur la Ville” by Nam June Paik, 1990, personifies the telephone, by which the artist explores about technology and humanity. Yixin Shang is one of the first Chinese artists born after 1980s who sought to create with mixed media. The shape of square has been his main vocabulary for communication. Through piling up numerous squares on the blank space, the painter creates a brand new structure in which the squares are both independent and interdependent, delivering a conceptually infinite piece. Takashi Somemiya, a gallery from Tokyo which is attending an exhibition for the first time, presents “Reset” by Eiki Okuda, in which the Japanese artist reconstructs the 8-digit image seen in old-time Nintendo games, sending the viewers back in time with simple surprises. Swiss artist Pe Lang’s “positioning systems VI - falling objects”, like many of his other works, is a presentation of various objects transformed through a mechanic system. The work itself shows the process of 11,664 water drops being continuously absorbed by highly efficient water absorption material, transforming physics into art.

In addition to the epic exhibition, there are art lectures and movie sessions to further enrich the feast of art. Among the invitees are major collectors from Asia, including Budi Tek, Leo Shi, Hallam Chow, Powen Chen among others will openly talk about how collecting became a kind of art. On the other hand, from the institutional perspective, Chinese curator Pi Li, currently working in the M+ Museum in the West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong, and Kianchow Kwok, the former director of Singapore Art Museum will how the institutions act as the mediator between the governments, the public, and the art circle. Moreover, ART TAIPEI invite Mami Kataoka, Chief Curator at the Mori Art Museum, to talk about how to rethink on relational aesthetics. There will be a conversation among ART TAIPEI Planning Director Eva Lin, artists Kit Lee and Jinhua Shi on the forms of art in our daily life from a creator or practitioner’s perspective. The documentary “Guest of Cindy Sherman”, directed by Sherman’s ex-partner Paul Hasegawa-Overacker, uncovers the life and art of the popular American photographer and movie director.

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