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Tiancheng International Jewellery and Jadeite Auction to take place on 8 June
Γ«ˇButterflyΓ«÷ Brooch and CatΓ«÷s-Eye Chrysoberyl Γ«ˇDouble DragonΓ«÷ Ring

HONG KONG.- Tiancheng International Jewellery and Jadeite Spring Auction 2014 will be held on 8 June 2014, 1pm, at its headquarters at 30F Bank of China Tower, 1 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong. The current sale has amassed a splendid range of finest jewellery, spanning from various branded and independent designers’ jewellery, to a 15.07-carat natural Burmese ruby, a 30.91-carat Burmese sapphire, a 77.01-carat Sri-Lakan cat’s-eye chrysoberyl, a 39.24-carat Pamir spinel which is rarely seen in auctions, a magnificent five-strand natural saltwater pearl necklace and many more, all of which are natural beauties without treatment.

As usual, the jadeite section encompasses top ‘old-mine’ jadeite, attractively-priced design jadeite, jadeite bangles, and a series of jadeite cabochons. On top of that, Tiancheng International will also present other jade options such as white jade ornaments, pendants and bangles, as well as some red coloured carnelian treasures, which show a rising popularity amongst Mainland Chinese collectors. The ‘no-reserve’ section has also garnered over 70 lots this season, bringing further brilliance to the current spring auction themed as a springtime jewellery garden, presenting 360 lots of Chinese and western jewels totalling over HK$300,000,000/ US$40,000,000.

Mr. Stewart Young, Director of Tiancheng International’s Jewellery Department, remarks, "The spring is a nourishing season that gives rise to unlimited possibilities in nature, the spirit of which closely aligns with Tiancheng International’s motto. With youthfulness and innovation as our determining motivation, we aim to explore new frontiers in the Asian auction market, presenting to our valued collectors a rich variety of finest jewels. Seeing this interesting linkage, we decidedly use ‘Springtime Blossom’ as our auction’s theme, in the hope of celebrating the blooming array of precious jewels. This spring, we have amassed not only the usually sough-after items, but also a series of ‘rising stars’ in the market. For instance, on top of our prominent jadeite category, we have included other jade choices such as the white jade and the red coloured carnelian. Our gemstone and diamond collection also respectively covers the spinel, which is famously known as ‘the royal ruby’, and the brown diamond, which sees an escalating popularity in the market. Rare finds in auctions, these unique jewels embody massive potential in terms of both collectible and investment value, and we sincerely hope to introduce to our jewellery connoisseurs the beauty of such breathtaking gems.’

Luscious Natural Saltwater Pearl Necklace
Natural pearls exude refreshing elegance and an air of sophistication. Always enchanting, they rank among the most cherished jewellery of royalty, in China and in the West, to be passed down for generations.

Indian legend has it that women of great beauty and power were born as the incarnate of pearls. During the Qing dynasty of China, Empress Dowager Cixi showed a special preference for pearls, wearing them all over her body, and ordered that an extraordinarily large pearl be placed in her mouth following her death. In Great Britain, the Duchess of Windsor, who caused the Duke of Windsor to abdicate his throne to marry her, was especially enamored with a pearl necklace he presented her. Later, it was offered at an auction and was sold for an astronomical price.

The formation of natural saltwater pearls originates from species of shelled mollusks on the seafloor or riverbed. When stimulated by a foreign object, these creatures secrete a calcium crystalline substance around the irritant to protect themselves. The size, shape and colour of the pearl are determined by the number of nacre layers around it, along with the water quality and weather. Perfectly flawless natural pearls with magnificent colours are one in a million. To be offered in this auction is a Fine and Rare Natural Saltwater Pearl and Diamond Necklace (Estimate: HK$ 8,000,000 - 12,000,000/ US$ 1,030,000 - 1,540,000) composed of five strands of 539 round natural saltwater pearls with diameters measuring approximately 12.55mm to 4mm. Manifesting an extraordinary splendor, this private collection is a rare find in the market, offering excellent investment and collectible values to jewellery connoiseurs.

The Royal Ruby’
Admired for centuries by royal houses, the spinel is known otherwise as the ‘royal ruby’. A lucky charm that magically shielded King Henry V from a fatal strike at the Anglo-French war in 15th Century, the Black Prince Ruby displays an utterly saturated red colour that is comparable to the blood, and such is the reason why it was beautifully mistaken for a ruby for centuries. Later on, the Black Prince Ruby even made its grandiose appearance in the Imperial State Crown of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, before scientifically revealed in recent decades to be in fact a spinel.

Tiancheng International presents the current 39.24-Carat Natural Untreated Pamir Spinel and Diamond Ring (Estimate: HK$ 3,500,000 - 4,500,000/US$ 450,000 - 580,000) hailing from Kuh-i-Lal, Pamir Mountains, the same mine where the Black Prince Ruby was believed to be discovered. The Kuh-i-Lal region shows mining record since 7th Century A.D., producing spinels in massive sizes with extremely high clarity. Radiating a fiery red hue and flawless clarity without any enhancement, this gem intricately connected to the ancient royalty will certainly hold a coveted place in the heart of all discerning collectors.

Top Jadeite

A major strength of Tiancheng International’s auction, this season’s top jadeite category is led by a number of excellent ‘old-mine’ jadeite jewellery, most notably this set of Natural Jadeite ‘Leaf’, Ruby and Yellow Diamond and Diamond Pendant, and a Pair of Matching Pendent Earrings (Estimate: HK$ 15,000,000 - 20,000,000/ US$ 1,900,000 - 2,560,000). The succulent green leaves are carved with precious ‘old-mine’ glassy jadeite that radiates the ‘imperial green’ colour - the top rank of green amongst jadeite. Further adorned by dazzling rubies and yellow diamonds, the jadeite set tellingly captures the evergreen zest and freshness of the season.

Hailing from Hong Kong, world-renowned jeweller Jason Koo creatively produced the whimsical Natural Lavender Jadeite, Jadeite and Diamond ‘Beetles’ Jabot Pin, Jason Koo (Estimate: HK$ 980,000 - 1,500,000/ US$ 125,000 - 190,000). Koo artistically transforms natural lavender jadeite and jadeite into the body and the wings of a beetle couple, as the vibrant, saturated hue of the gem adds to the vivaciousness of the brooch, turning them into a joyous pair placidly buzzing amid blossoming flowers.

Jadeite bangles saw a great demand in Tiancheng International last autumn, with a Highly Important Jadeite Bangle selling for HK$ 44,840,000/ US$ 5,748,718. Considering this, the upcoming auction is pleased to present this Pair of Natural Jadeite Bangles (Estimate: HK$ 3,000,000 - 5,000,000/ US$ 385,000 - 640,000). The jadeite bangle symbolises harmony and unity of heavens and men, and this pair possessing impressive translucency, generous fullness and enthralling consistency in colour is worth a great value.

The prefect dome of jadeite cabochons represents not only Chinese aesthetics, but also the preeminent quality of the raw stone, as well as the excellence in craftsmnaship. This spring, we have garnered a range of jadeite cabochon items, led by this spectacular Natural Jadeite and Diamond Demi-Parure (Estimate: HK$ 19,000,000 - 23,000,000/ US$ 2,450,000 - 3,000,000). Exhibiting full-bodied translucency and greenesss in spite of its majestic size measuring up to 28.83 x 24.23 x 11.89mm, the enticing cabochons wordlessly convince the beholder of their unparalleled quality and techniques involved.

Likewise, the ‘old-mine’ glassy jadeite cabochon on this Natural Jadeite, Mother-of-Pearl and Diamond Ring (Estimate: HK$ 12,000,000 - 15,000,000/ US$ 1,540,000 - 1,900,000) boasts an arresting sheen, which is beautifully complemented by the dazzling diamond surround and the gentility of mother of pearl – an impeccable example of jadeite excellence suitable both as an accessory or for collection.

This Natural Jadeite and Diamond Pendant (Estimate: HK$ 11,000,000 - 15,000,000/ US$ 1,400,000 - 1,900,000) is carved into a rectangular shape that resembles the conventional image of a Chinese ‘Plate of Wealth’. The four angles are smoothly rounded and slightly bulged to accentuate its fullness and translucency. With the Chinese words ‘fortune’ carved at the centre, the pendant is abundantly invested with the auspicious connotation of good luck and prosperity.

A highly discernible religious figure in Chinese culture, the Guanyin is often used as a motif for jadeite carvings, and this Pair of Natural Icy Jadeite ‘Guanyin’ Pendants (Estimate: HK$ 2,000,000 - 3,000,000/ US$ 255,000 - 385,000) is an exemplar in the category. The countenance of the holy figure is fastidiously illustrated on this pair of highly translucent icy jadeite, which requires attention to the minute details of every single strand of hair to complete its majestic immaculateness.

Designer’s Jadeite
Deisgned by Alessio Boschi, this Natural Lavender Jadeite, Jadeite, Diamond and Gem-Set Ring (Estimate: HK$ 280,000 - 380,000/ US$ 36,000 - 49,000) is a sumptuous feast of colours: the richness of lavender jadeite cabochon is set against a glittering rose-cut white diamond surround embellished by two jadeite beads. Beneath it is a cluster of sunshine-like yellow diamonds, as if to glorify the sapphire-studded sky.

The avid demand of Chinese jadeite artisan Wang Junyi’s pieces will hopefully be satisfied by this Natural Icy Yellow Jadeite ‘Baby Buddha’ and Yellow Diamond Pendent Necklace (Estimate: HK$ 300,000 - 500,000/ US$ 38,000 - 64,000) on offer this season. It delineates the amicable countenance of a meditating Buddha made of icy yellow jadeite, and is further encapsulated in the supreme glory of gold and diamonds – a perfect amalgamation of culture, design and craftsmanship.

Other Jadeite Treasures
The double loop of the ‘Huaigu’ motif, auspiciously associated with the harmony of man and heavens, has its roots in the ancient tool for heaven-worshiping rituals. This Pair of Natural Jadeite ‘Huaigu’ and Diamond Pendent Earrings (Estimate: HK$ 600,000 - 800,000/ US$ 78,000 - 102,000) with highly saturated green hue is stylishly adorned with white diamonds, rendering it a fusion of traditional and modern beauty.

A Natural Jadeite and Diamond Ring (Estimate: HK$ 280,000 - 380,000/ US$ 36,000 - 49,000) is set to impress collectors with its most-preferred ‘imperial green’ colour, swelling cabochon and remarkable lucidity enhanced by a glistening white diamond surround.

Seeing a rising popularity of the red jadeite, which sold for as many as ten times the estimate last autumn, Tiancheng International is glad to introduce this pair of Natural Red Jadeite ‘Laughing Buddha’, Jadeite and Diamond Pendant; and Natural Black Jadeite ‘Guanyin’, Jadeite and Diamond Pendant (Estimate: HK$ 80,000 - 100,000/ US$ 10,000 - 13,000). Auctioned in a pair, the black and red jadeite pendants are respectively carved into the image of Laughing Buddha and Guanyin, perfect for jadeite connoisseurs who prefer Buddhist-themed pieces.

Tiancheng International is well-known for its innovative approach to bring to jewellery collectors treasures rarely seen in auctions. On top of this season’s jadeite section, we have also prepared other jade options such as the following white jade and red coloured carnelian. White jade, also known as ‘soft jade’, is a preeminent symbol of tradition, power and righteousness. This Pair of Natural White Jade Bangles and Pair of Matching Discs (Estimate: HK$ 1,250,000 - 1,600,000/ US$ 160,000 - 200,000) in superb symmetry embodies excellent warmth and luscious texture of the white jade, which is the most prized of all colours.

The red coloured carnelian receives heightened attention in the Chinese market lately, and this Natural Chalcedony ‘Prosperity’ Pendent Necklace, Wang Kai (Estimate: HK$ 100,000 - 150,000/ US$ 13,000 - 20,000) has a distinct waxy finish that glows with gracious warmth. The dragon-phoenix couple carved vividly on both sides auspiciously evokes the unity that brings fortune. Whether the gem or the craftsmanship, this current pendent necklace is a marvelous example of red coloured carnelian of the highest calibre possible.

The line-up of sapphires this spring is led by this 30.91-Carat Natural Unheated Burmese Sapphire and Diamond Ring (Estimate: HK$7,000,000- 8,000,000/ US$ 900,000 - 1,100,000). The spectacular sapphire weighing 30.91 carats is not only sizable, but also thermally untreated, scintillating a natural blue hue that enthralls like a velvety night sky.

A unique Natural Fancy Intense Orange-Yellow Diamond, Coloured Diamond and Diamond ‘Butterfly’ Brooch (Estimate: HK$ 180,000 - 250,000/ US$ 23,000 - 32,000) compares itself to the liveliness of spring. Beautifully studded all over with white diamonds, pink diamonds and fancy intense orange-yellow VS1 diamonds totalling 8.18 carats, the butterfly takes flight with such bewildering bedazzlement amid the pastoral garden on summer eves, cheerfully dancing with splendour that shines brighter than life.

The cat’s eye chrysoberyl is an unmistakable beauty because of its uniquely enigmatic aura. This 77.01-Carat Natural Untreated Sri-Lankan Cat’s-Eye Chrysoberyl ‘Double Dragon’ Ring (Estimate: HK$ 5,400,000 - 6,400,000/ US$ 695,000 - 820,000) on offer is a rarity in the market due to its tremendous size. The double dragon adornment carved on gold symbolises power and good luck, further consolidating its kingly presence.

Whilst natural unheated rubies seldom weigh over six carats, this Natural Unheated Burmese (Mogok) Ruby and Diamond Ring (Estimate: HK$ 11,000,000-15,000,000/ US$ 1,400,000 - 1,900,000) of 15.07 carats makes a striking exception. Mined from Mogok, an acclaimed source of the best rubies, the fiery gem displays the signature rutile silk trait uniquely found from the region. The main stone is flanked by rubies and white diamonds weighing 4.28 carats and 2.52 carats respectively, captivating its beholders at the speed of blazing fire.

This 10.85-Carat Natural Untreated Columbian Emerald and Diamond Ring (Estimate: HK$ 3,500,000 - 4,500,000/ US$ 450,000 - 580,000) hails from Columbia, a world-renowned region for emeralds. Weighing 10.85 carats and free of oil treatment, the emerald of an engaging green colour is paired on each side with white diamonds totalling 3.90 carats, a design heartily tailored for the current action.

Cultured Pearl, Ruby and Diamond Watch, Cartier; and Ruby and Diamond ‘Flower’ Brooch (Estimate: HK$ 100,000 - 180,000/ US$ 13,000 - 23,000) This lot comprises two items: a timeless Cartier wrist watch made with cultured pearls, rubies and diamonds, and a brooch generously loaded with rubies weighing over 15 carats. Further complemented with a sparkling pistil comprising white diamonds weighing over 3 carats, it is a prefect symbol for the season of passion and liveliness.

Beguiling Coloured Diamonds
With brilliant-cut diamonds being the rarest cut amongst all coloured diamonds, and brown being a rising trend, this 10.53-Carat Natural Fancy Yellow-Brown Brilliant-Cut Diamond, Coloured Diamond and Diamond Ring (Pictured left; Estimate: HK$1,200,000 -2,000,000/ US$ 155,000 - 260,000) by Verdura is set to be a promising star. The grandiose floral design by Verdura features yellow and white diamonds as petals and sepals respectively, completed with the mesmerising brown gem of VS1 clarity centering as a bud. Also presented this season is a tremendous Natural Fancy Deep Brownish Yellow Diamond and Diamond Ring (Estimate: HK$ 3,000,000 - 4,000,000/ US$ 385,000 - 520,000) weighing 25.11 carats with VS1 clarity, an equally unforgettable charm with awe-inspiring size and colour.

Presented from the yellow diamond section is a Pair of 7.06-and-7.05-Carat Natural Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond, Yellow Diamond and Diamond Pendent Earrings (Estimate: HK$ 2,500,000 - 3,500,000/ US$ 320,000 - 450,000). Another lot specially tailored for this auction, the earrings are an exquisite take on the everyday object of keys. The golden hoops and the ancient-cushion-shaped fancy intense yellow diamonds weighing 7.06 and 7.05 carats echo each other, with the circle square juxtaposition subtly evoking the alignment with Chinese tradition. A unique piece, the current pair of earrings will bring the wearer every charming individuality.

Representing pink diamond jewellery is this attractively-priced Diamond and Pink Diamond Ring (Estimate: HK$ 40,000 - 60,000/ US$ 5,200 - 7,700). The two heart-shaped white diamonds of approximately 2.00 carats center amongst a cluster of pink diamonds weighing approximately 2.80 carats, exuding feminine air of Mother Nature in spring. With such a good value of diamonds and yet priced so affordably, this ring is destined to be the heartthrob in the auction room.

Dazzling White Diamonds
This 1.02-Carat Unmounted Heart-shaped Diamond (Estimate: HK$ 80,000 - 120,000/ US$ 10,000 - 15,000) has not only flawless clarity, but also the most preferred D colour – just as unforgettable as a perfect romantic relationship can be. For brilliant-cut diamond admirers, a 3.00-Carat Unmounted Brilliant-cut Diamond (Estimate: HK$ 570,000 - 670,000/ US$ 73,000 - 86,000)is surely an excellent option with its internal flawless clarity.

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