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Boca Raton Museum of Art opens exhibition of comics and contemporary art

Chitra Ganesh, Manuscript, 2018.

BOCA RATON, FLA.- Why call this new museum show Beyond the Cape? Compared to so many other exhibitions around the world about comic books, this original and unconventional take soars beyond just superheroes. Beyond the Cape! Comics and Contemporary Art shows how some of the most currently sought-after contemporary artists are influenced by graphic novels and comic books. The artworks in this pioneering show making its world premiere at the Boca Raton Museum of Art take viewers on a deeper dive into adult realms, tackling some of today’s thorniest issues: politics, divisiveness, immigration, racial prejudice, planetary climate armageddon, feminism, LGBTQ rights, religion, gender, and more. Grouped together for the first time in this new way, the exhibition at the Boca Raton Museum of Art features prominent artworld superstars, including: ... More

The Best Photos of the Day

'Like a bombing': Daylight reveals extent of Notre-Dame damage   Counting the losses: what we know about Notre-Dame's treasures   Firefighters form human chain to rescue priceless treasures

French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner (C) speaks to media after visiting the interior of the Notre-Dame-de Paris Cathedral a day after a fire devastated the cathedral in central Paris on April 16, 2019. CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON / POOL / AFP.

PARIS (AFP).- Shards of stained glass from priceless medieval windows. A gaping hole above the choir area where the spire crashed down. Charred debris from the collapsed roof scattered on the ground. After firefighters put out the last remnants of the fire that ravaged Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, daylight revealed the extent of the damage caused by the blaze Monday evening. Tourists and Parisians, united in their shock at the damage to one of the great monuments of human heritage, watched from the safety of the opposite bank of the Seine, kept away by a police cordon. But journalists could witness the extent of the damage through one of the great doors which opened to reveal the piles of rubble and charred debris inside. But in a luminous sign of hope, a golden cross was still intact at the back of the cathedral, shining defiantly in the gloom. Intact stained-glass windows and statues could also ... More

A picture shows charred debris inside Notre-Dame-de Paris on April 16, 2019 in Paris in the aftermath of a fire that devastated the cathedral. LUDOVIC MARIN / POOL / AFP.

PARIS (AFP).- Firefighters were praised Tuesday for helping save many of the most celebrated treasures of Notre-Dame by dashing inside the burning cathedral, but officials warned that others were in a precarious state or entirely lost in the flames. While the Notre-Dame cathedral is venerated as a masterpiece of medieval architecture, it also houses outstanding examples of Western art as well as holy relics. Rescuers and church officials formed a human chain on Monday night to whisk away as many of the treasures as possible. Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo tweeted a picture during the evening of candlestick holders and dozens of other artefacts in safekeeping at a room at the town hall. Here is what we know: The Holy Crown of Thorns, believed by Catholics to have been worn by Jesus Christ at his crucifixion so Roman soldiers could mock him, was spirited out of the building and is being kept safe at Paris town hall. It is about 21 centimetres (eight ... More

A firefighter stands outside Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris on April 16, 2019, in the aftermath of a fire that caused its spire to crash to the ground. Zakaria ABDELKAFI / AFP.

PARIS (AFP).- Risking their own lives as they toiled through the night, firefighters formed a human chain to rescue a swathe of Notre-Dame's "priceless treasures." Some 400 firefighters tackled the huge blaze at the 12th century Gothic masterpiece and, oblivious to the danger they faced, saw their efforts rewarded as they saved the main structure. They also brought out many relics by going inside even as the inferno spread quickly on the medieval roof beams -- not least the Holy Crown of Thorns and a sacred tunic worn by 13th century French king Louis IX. Their lack of self regard as they to retrieved countless other items prompted President Emmanuel Macron to praise their "extreme courage." "We started to panic when we smelt scorching," even before the flames emerged, said Philippe Marsset, vicar general of Notre-Dame who watched aghast with horrified Parisians and tourists as the drama unfolded. Within an hour, Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo ... More

Noguchi Museum announces plans to create unified campus   'Legendary' Notre-Dame roof astounded Middle Ages: carpenter   The V&A announces new collaboration with The Sir Elton John Photography Collection including major donation

Noguchi Museum Campus. Rendering by Buro Koray Duman.

NEW YORK, NY.- Brett Littman, director of the Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum (The Noguchi Museum), today announced plans to create a unified campus that will better preserve Isamu Noguchi’s work and legacy while both increasing public access to the collection and enabling the Museum to expand its roster of exhibitions and public programs. With the original Museum and sculpture garden established by the artist in 1985 at its core, the expanded campus will also include a new 6,000-square-foot building to house the Museum’s collection and archive and Noguchi’s original 1959 studio building, which will be restored and open to the public for the first time. The project will be undertaken in two stages. Noguchi Museum Board Chair Malcolm Nolen states, “Following a ten-plus-year project to stabilize the Noguchi Museum building and sculpture garden, we are thrilled to be taking the necessary steps both to ... More

This photo shows one of the rose windows below the damaged roof of Notre-Dame-de Paris Cathedral in Paris on April 16, 2019, a day after a fire that devastated the building in the centre of the French capital. Amaury BLIN / AFP.

PARIS (AFP).- The charred roof of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris was once a legend that "astounded the Middle Ages" and still fascinates master carpenters, Thomas Buechi of the Charpente Concept group told AFP. It is possibly one of the greatest masterpieces for French master carpenters. For a painter it would have been a bit as if the Mona Lisa went up in smoke. The framework (known as "the forest") was mythical, it was a legend for several reasons. It was so complex that it astounded the Middle Ages. First of all, it took 50 years to prepare the timber. They began cutting the trees, around 1,500, sometime around the year 1200. These were laid for a year with the top turned to the North to align them with the energy of the earth. The bark was then removed and they were ... More

Sir Elton John and David Furnish at home in their art gallery © Dave Benett Getty Images for the V&A.

LONDON.- Today, the V&A announces a new, long-term collaboration with Sir Elton John and David Furnish to revolutionise public access to photography. Comprising a significant donation towards the museum’s recently opened Photography Centre, for which gallery 101 will be renamed ‘The Sir Elton John and David Furnish Gallery’, the partnership will also include a major co-curated temporary exhibition, to be announced in due course. With a focus on the contemporary, the collaboration will offer opportunities to bring together highlights from the V&A’s world-leading photography collection of over 800,000 photographs, alongside The Sir Elton John Photography Collection – one of the greatest private photography collections in the world. Since 1991, Sir Elton John has developed his love and passion for the photographic medium to amass a collection of over 7,000 photographs. Spanning the early ... More

Apollo 15 flown Command Module Rescue arrow up for auction   Ancient art collection goes to Emory   Export Bar placed on Renaissance casket in a bid to keep it in UK

The Apollo 15 Command Module "Endeavour", with Astronauts David R. Scott, Alfred M. Worden and James B. Irwin aboard, nears a safe touchdown in the mid-Pacific Ocean to end lunar landing mission.

BOSTON, MASS.- This month RR Auction’s installment of its Space & Aviation series features an incredible array of space collectibles, highlighted by Apollo hardware, astronaut autographs, and mission-flown artifacts. The online offering contains more than 400 items with online bidding through April 18, 2019. Among the highlights is an amazing flown bright yellow “Rescue” arrow from the hatch of the Apollo 15 Command Module ‘Endeavour,’ which was applied over the capsule’s exterior Kapton foil covering. The arrow pointed to the panel used to gain access to the spacecraft’s cabin from the outside, which would have been used in case of emergency. It has a distinctive and unique burn pattern due to the high temperature of re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere and is clearly photo-matched to the photos taken of the Command Module aboard the USS Okinawa after Pacific Ocean recovery ... More

Gilded Cartonnage Mummy Mask. Egyptian. Late Ptolemaic Period, 197-30 BC. Linen, gesso, pigment, gold. Gift of the Georges Ricard Foundation.

ATLANTA, GA.- The Michael C. Carlos Museum announced a centennial gift from the Georges Ricard Foundation of the Senusret Collection, one of the most extensive collections of ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern objects to be donated to a U.S. museum. The Senusret Collection is named after the workman’s village Hetep-Senusret in Fayum, Egypt, which was home to the laborers who built the pyramid of pharaoh Senusret II. The collection is composed of approximately 1,500 objects from the ancient world with highlights such as Late Period coffins with mummies, gilded funerary masks, finely crafted bronze statuettes of deities, exquisite New Kingdom relief stele, Iranian Luristan bronzes, Near Eastern cylinder seals, ancient gold jewelry, and a collection of ancient glass. The Senusret Collection was assembled by French businessman Georges Ricard in the 1970s. On June 2, 1975, the Senusret Collection opened to great fanfare as the Museum ... More

A wooden casket of architectural form with decoration of perspectival geometrical marquetry relating to contemporary treatises, with engraved plaques and carvings; south German (probably Nuremberg), dated 1565; on a separate carved walnut stand with drawer, probably English, c1720-30.

LONDON.- Arts Minister Michael Ellis has placed a temporary export bar on a 16th century marquetry casket from the historic Newbattle Abbey, Scotland, in a bid to keep it in the country. The treasure, considered one of the most important early pieces of South German furniture in the country, is at risk of being lost unless a buyer can be found to match the £750,000 asking price. Created in 1565, the German Renaissance casket features engraved ivory and bone panels and gilded metalwork. It is believed to be one of the earliest known pieces of German ‘Kunstkammer’ furniture in existence. The concept of the Kunstkammer or ‘cabinet of curiosities’ first emerged in the 16th century to showcase precious, rare and exotic objects to display the owner’s status and scholarship. The casket is a rare, dated example ... More

New-York Historical Society shocases early American Bibles   Artcurial auction pays tribute to the greatest names in comic strips   MFA Boston appoints Michelle Millar Fisher as Curator of Contemporary Decorative Arts

The first book printed in America: Stephen Daye, printer. The Whole Booke of Psalmes Faithfully Translated into English Metre. Cambridge, 1640. David M. Rubenstein Americana Collection.

NEW YORK, NY.- This spring, the New-York Historical Society welcomes an extraordinary collection of historic Bibles and religious texts, many of which are on public display for the first time. On view April 17 – June 23, 2019, In God We Trust: Early Bible Printings from the David M. Rubenstein Americana Collection celebrates the linguistic, cultural, and religious differences that have characterized America’s inhabitants for the past 400 years and reveals the connection between Bibles and American identity. The collection was assembled by philanthropist David M. Rubenstein, and among the highlights on view are the first Bible printed in America, the first Bible printed in English in America, the first Bible translated by a woman, and the first book printed in British North America, the “Bay Psalm Book ... More

Moebius, L'homme est il bon, 1977 © Artcurial.

PARIS.- On 27th April, Artcurial’s Comic Strip department will present at auction a selection of 180 original works from the greatest authors of the ninth art. This auction comprises several strips and illustrations from contemporary comic strip authors such as Enki Bilal, Moebius and Pratt, as well as autographed works from major classic illustrators such as Hergé, René Goscinny and André Franquin. Modern comic strip author-illustrator Enki Bilal will be distinguished during this auction. Among the ten lots offered are two strips from La Femme Piège, the second volume of his landmark Nikopol trilogy relating the adventures of Jill Bioskop, a bluehaired independent journalist and her relationship with Nikopol. The first strip, n°44, explores Jill Bioskop’s dangerous dependence to pills which temporarily leave her amnesiac in the hope of forgetting her demons, a situation which also prevents her from telling her story. On the sec ... More

Fisher is currently the Louis C. Madeira IV Assistant Curator of European Decorative Arts and Design at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

BOSTON, MASS.- The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, announced today that Michelle Millar Fisher has been appointed as the Ronald C. and Anita L. Wornick Curator of Contemporary Decorative Arts. Fisher will begin her position on July 1, joining the MFA’s Department of Contemporary Art, led by Reto Thüring, to develop exhibitions and grow and care for the Museum’s collection of contemporary craft, decorative art and design. “Michelle is a brilliant curator, a dedicated teacher and scholar, and an emphatic community builder. She will bring the vision, energy and collaborative spirit to Boston and the MFA that will help write an exciting next chapter for contemporary decorative art, craft and design,” said Thüring, Beal Family Chair, Department of Contemporary Art. Fisher is currently the Louis C. Madeira IV Assistant Curator ... More

More News
Vienna's Secession opens an exhibition of works by Fernanda Gomes
VIENNA.- Since the 1980s, Fernanda Gomes has used ordinary and affordable materials to make objects and bricolages (always untitled) whose formal idiom recalls Arte Povera, minimalism, and Brazilian Constructivism. Her exhibitions often consist of an abundance of objects scattered across the floor and walls, gathered in clusters or rhythmically organized arrangements. Leftovers and lost, disregarded, or discarded items as well as commonplace objects are arranged in the space, assembled in fragile and precarious constructions or consolidated and corded for more compact creations. The only paint the artist uses is white, which she cherishes as the “receptive colour,” revealing even the subtlest shifts in the tonality and intensity of the light. Immersion in spaces and places is a key aspect of Fernanda Gomes’s approach to art-making, just as is a radical ... More

Improper Walls opens an exhibition of works by Lithuanian artist Akvile Magicdust
VIENNA.- Nomadic Drawings, a solo show by aspiring Lithuanian artist Akvile Magicdust, is inspired by her travels and pictures discovered while traveling. The artist creates flags which reflect the very special and precious world that we live in, not representing any country in particular. It doesn’t matter if we are on a beach in San Francisco or in a small shed in the middle of the Lithuanian forest, all of our concerns and joys are similar; the daily taste of coffee is similar, and everything is interconnected into a single internet node. With her paintings and textile artworks, Akvile wants to promote playfulness, positivity, and humor. By mixing naivety and the absurd, she draws bats that can skateboard, as well as aliens, tigers, and palm trees. The artist thinks that these objects are fun, playful and it’s a reminder not to be too serious. Through the drawings, Akvile Magicdust ... More

Sabrina Amrani presents 'A Rhythm For Falling', Alexandra Karakashian's first solo exhibition in Spain
MADRID.- Sabrina Amrani presents A rhythm for falling, Alexandra Karakashian's first solo show in Spain. Since 2009, Alexandra Karakashian’s work has been based on an almost scenic technique that involves displaying her used engine oil and salt paintings vertically on isolated canvases or emerging from vats of oil. The overwhelming beauty of her paintings results from how the oil randomly spreads over the canvas. An atmosphere of anticipation and solemnity is created by the use of black on a white background. The black and white blend together, defying gravity through capillary action, and the salt struggles in the face of the quickly advancing oil. The smell of oil permeates her works and fills the surrounding space. There is something fundamental in Karakashian’s paintings, like a refined gesture that emerges from the artist’s body language. ... More

Royal Ontario Museum records another banner year in attendance
TORONTO.- The Royal Ontario Museum announced today that it welcomed an impressive 1.34 million visitors through the Museum’s doors in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2019. This makes the ROM once again the most-visited museum in Canada. “We are delighted that so many people are enjoying the ROM from here and around the world,” says Josh Basseches, ROM Director & CEO. “We believe museums are more important than ever as community builders, trusted sources of knowledge, and as places that inspire learning and the exchange of ideas. The great enthusiasm for the ROM is a testament to the relevance of our exhibitions, collections, and programs in people’s lives today.” The strong attendance levels, which have contributed to the ROM’s ranking as #7* among North America’s top 10 art museums, were driven by high overall general ... More

Burlesque Hall of Fame exhibits work of midcentury photojournalist F. Roy Kemp
LAS VEGAS, NEV.- Canadian photojournalist F. Roy Kemp spent the 1950s documenting the New York burlesque scene, producing thousands of images that give us a glimpse into the public and private lives of performers unparalleled in other photographers’ work. Starting today, the Burlesque Hall of Fame is featuring selections of this work, with images of burlesque superstars like Tempest Storm, Blaze Starr, Zorita, and Jennie Lee, as well as lesser-known performers like Zizi Richards and Naja Karamuru. Kemp shot pin-ups, but he was decidedly not a pin-up photographer. His best shots catch his subjects on stage, backstage, and in their homes. Kemp’s photos present an almost ethnographic view of the live of a working performer. He shows us performers in and of their moment, women for whom being beautiful is a job, and burlesque ... More

Simon Hanselmann's Megg, Mogg & Owl come to life at Bellevue Arts Museum
BELLEVUE, WA.- Bellevue Arts Museum is presenting the first museum exhibition for Simon Hanselmann, creator of the New York Times bestselling Megg, Mogg & Owl graphic novel series. Bad Gateway, which opened at BAM in the spring of 2019, brings Hanselmann’s characters to life through hand-crafted installations, zines, and original artwork. Timed to coincide with the publication of a new volume of Megg, Mogg & Owl, also titled Bad Gateway (Fantagraphics Books, 2019), the exhibition features 176 hand-watercolored pages from the book, which demonstrate Hanselmann’s mastery of sequential art. The installations in the exhibition present vignettes of Hanselmann’s dysfunctional comic characters in the real world. Megg, Mogg, Owl, Werewolf Jones, and Booger abjectly protrude into three-dimensional space, doing what they do best: anxiously smoking ... More

MAXXI dedicates a major exhibition to Paolo Di Paolo and his extraordinary life
ROME.- A previously unseen exploration of the contradictions and hopes of the Italy of the '50s and '60s narrated through more than 250 images of the greats of the worlds of film, art, culture and fashion and ordinary people. He was the best-loved photographer of Mario Pannunzio’s magazine Il Mondo, in which, over 14 years, he published 573 photos, reporting on Italy and the world. He portrayed film stars, writers, artists, the nobility and ordinary people. Famously, he explored the Italian coastline with Pier Paolo Pasolini, documenting Italian vacations. Paolo Di Paolo (from Larino, Molise, class of 1925) was an extraordinary chronicler of the Italy of the ‘50s and ‘60s who recorded with delicacy, rigour and skill the country that was being reforged from the ashes of the Second World War. MAXXI, the National Museum of 21st Century Arts, is dedicating a major ... More

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art announces its new Endowment Fund
MOSCOW.- Since it was founded in 2008, Garage has developed from an exhibition space to a valued artistic institution with a serious international reputation. The Museum places great importance on audience development, as a result of which its activities across Russia and in neighboring countries have the ability to influence the local cultural environment. Garage has developed a long-term development program, which comprises a systematic, balanced approach to its work. As part of this program it has launched Garage Endowment Fund. Anton Belov, Director of Garage: “The establishing of Garage Endowment Fund is an important stage in the Museum’s transition from private art institution to public museum. It provides financial security for the future and strengthens the ambitious, long-term plans which Garage has for the development ... More

Christie's Magnificent Jewels totals $30.3 million
NEW YORK, NY.- The Christie’s New York April 16 auction of Magnificent Jewels achieved a total of $30,315,875. The sale sold 88% by Value and 86% by Lot, led by a sensational Twin-Stone Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond Ring of 3.06 and 2.61 carats, which realized $6,744,500. Significant prices were achieved for colored diamonds and colorless diamonds, with six lots achieving over $1 million, including a Rectangular-cut of 16.33 carats, that sold for $1,575,000; a Marquise-cut D color, Type IIa, potentially IF Diamond of 16.69 carats, from The Collection of Elizabeth Stafford, which realized $1,455,000; a Fancy Pink Diamond of 6.11 carats that sold for $1,395,000; and a Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond of 37.65 carats, which realized $1,005,000. Private collections performed with exceptional results especially for jewels by Bulgari, Cartier, Harry Winston, ... More

Robert E. Lee, George Washington, Albert Einstein and more going public in Americana & Political Auction
DALLAS, TX.- Consignments from five private collections, including one of the most comprehensive private compilations of Robert E. Lee photographs (many of which are signed by Lee) ever assembled, will be among the highlights in Heritage Auctions’ Americana & Political Auction May 4-5 in Dallas, Texas. “The Dr. Donald A. Hopkins collection of Lee photos is remarkable both for its depth and breadth,” Heritage Auctions Americana Director Tom Slater said. “The auction includes some 100 lots, many of which contain multiple images, and includes numerous signed photos, rare poses, and images by noteworthy photographers both North and South.” A diligent scholar of his subject, Dr. Hopkins authored the book Robert E. Lee in War and Peace, which is extensively illustrated with examples from this collection. Among the top lots in the auction from the ... More

DC Moore Gallery opens exhibition by legendary African American artist David Driskell
NEW YORK, NY.- DC Moore Gallery is presenting David Driskell: Resonance, Paintings 1965-2002. Driskell, soon to be 88, is a legendary African American artist and art historian. As an artist, scholar, and curator, he has made substantial contributions to these fields that have changed the way we think about American art. His paintings and collages unite a strong modernist impulse with his personal vision and memory. Marked by the artist’s abiding color sensibilities, his work bears the imprint of a turbulent era, a return to nature, and Driskell’s synthesis of the European, American, and African art forms he knew firsthand. The years between the March on Washington in 1963 and the end of the Vietnam War in 1973, galvanized by the Civil Rights Movement and often called the “turbulent decade,” represent a lived experience for Driskell. Many of Driskell’s ... More

In the Studio with Jeremy Couillard | Phillips x Daata Editions

On a day like today, German sculptor Otto Piene was born
April 18, 1928. Otto Piene (18 April 1928 - 17 July 2014) was a German artist specializing in kinetic and technology-based art. He lived and worked in Düsseldorf; Cambridge, Massachusetts; and Groton, Massachusetts. In this image: MIT List Visual Arts Center exhibition "Otto Piene: Lichtballett." October 21, 2011 - December 31, 2011.

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