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Art San Diego's Art Labs to Feature 19 Projects by More than 150 Artists Throughout San Diego
Self titled speaks to visitors and locals alike at this particular place and time: to the human condition.

SAN DIEGO, CA.- Art Labs place art in the urban context and encourage participation by the general public. These combined events feature 19 projects by more than 150 artists, creating an opportunity to showcase the diversity of San Diego's artistic community down to Tijuana.

2011 ART LABS have been curated by Susan Myrland. An RFP was put out in February asking local artists to create projects that "speak to the qualities that make San Diego unique." Particular interest was given to projects that were emerging, challenging or experimental, and caused locals and visitors to see the region in a new way.

Says Myrland, "San Diego's emerging art scene is marked by diversity, ingenuity, and a DIY aesthetic. We are a city of start-ups and entrepreneurs, and the Art Labs reflect our willingness to experiment and reinvent. The project has grown to more than 150 artists, with established professionals exhibiting alongside newcomers and promising students. Many were recruited by their peers, as artists selected people whose work they wanted to present to a wider audience. As with any experiment, not everything will succeed -- but I hope that locals and visitors will enjoy the energy, spirit, talent and ambition that we have here."

ArtLab 01. Frame of Reference
Photography and sculptural installation. Thursday, Sept. 1 - Sun. Sept. 4, 2011 | Indigo Ballroom, We explore the ideas of choice, consequences, and unforeseen outcomes. Focusing on the large and small decisions we make each day, this installation examines how we change the course of our lives. ARTISTS: Karen Morrison and Lisa Starace

ArtLab 02. (In)Visible: A Human Portrait of San Diego’s Homeless Population
Photography, installation, and audio interviews. Thursday, Sept. 1 - Sun. Sept. 4, 2011 | Indigo Terrace Foyer, (In)Visible Project will create an intimate and dignified portrait of San Diego's homeless population. Through images and first-person stories, it will offer residents and visitors the opportunity to challenge their perceptions of those living on our city's streets. This project will confront the stigma surrounding homelessness, raise awareness about the realities, and provide a space for our community to come together to learn, discuss, and take action to address the issue. ARTISTS: Bear Guerra, Luis Guerra, Jessica Jollett, Omar Lopez, and Rebecca Rauber

ArtLab 03. Self titled
Temporary installation. Thursday, Sept. 1 - Sun. Sept. 4, 2011 | Hilton Lawn, Self titled speaks to visitors and locals alike at this particular place and time: to the human condition. It serves as an invitation and a point of introspection to search the past in order to find something meaningful, relevant and self-defining. ARTISTS: Nina Preisendorfer and Brian Zimmerman

ArtLab 04. Space For 2 Artists
Temporary installation. Thursday, Sept. 1 - Sun. Sept. 4, 2011 | Hilton Lawn, Space For 2 Artists is a "permanently temporary" artist residency co-existing as sculpture, performance, and program. Originating as a response to artist residencies across San Diego, we built the project as a declaration of our transition from students to professional artists. Space For 2 Artists will be occupied during Fair hours. Resident artists will be drafting, sketching, painting, and sculpting. ARTISTS: Kim Garcia and Kevin Kao

ArtLab 05. X.O. has the Conn
Video performance. Thursday, Sept. 1 | 8-10PM | Pool Deck at The Hilton San Diego Bayfront The pool. It is a contained body of water. For me the pool has become an environment of experimentation. It is a place where our Navy trains its sailors, tests its ship designs, and maintains its ever-working organ of fitness. This basin is where I choose to reside, to explore, to dissect, and to transplant what I know of naval culture into what I feel. ARTIST: Andrew Oslovar

ArtLab 06. San Diego Public Art
Virtual Project | iPhone app, A free iPhone app presenting a selective overview of interesting public artworks in the greater San Diego area. ARTIST: Richard Gleaves

ArtLab 07. With These Hands
Virtual Project | Apple / Android / Symbian app, When we shine a spotlight on the historical achievements of San Diego -- Alonzo Horton's waterfront, the Coronado Bridge -- the laborers who built these landmarks remain obscured. Their names and faces don't even appear in the footnotes. Through Augmented Reality, this piece will reinsert lost workers and their stories back into the landscape. Viewers will discover shimmering, floating visuals as they tour the area with handheld Apple, Android, and Symbian devices. On view from sunset to sunrise. ARTIST: Xavier Leonard (X.L)

ArtLab 08. Virtual Cities and Utopian Visions
Light sculptures, video projections, poetry reading, and music performance. Thursday, Sept. 1 | 5-9PM | San Diego Museum of Art, In response to the Summer Salon Series theme, "What does a city need?" five artists consider the idea of Virtual Cities and Utopian Visions. ARTISTS: Ela Boyd, Kate Farris, Ilya Kaminsky, Wendell Kling, and Joshua Tonies

ArtLab 09. Exploding Tattoo
Painting, performance, and photography. Thursday, Sept. 1 | 8-10PM | Pool Deck at The Hilton San Diego Bayfront, Anna Stump and Ted Meyer combine painting, performance, and photography in a celebration of Southern Californian youth expression. Watch as Mexican calaveras and Frida Kahlo explode onto a huge canvas. ARTISTS: Ted Meyer and Anna Stump

ArtLab 10. Motifs, Marks & Margins
Art exhibition, collaborative mural painting, screen printing, and zine/sticker art. Friday, Sept. 2 | 5-11PM | Thumbprint Gallery | 2637 University Avenue, San Diego CA 92104, Thumbprint Gallery features outsider and low/new brow art as well as work inspired by graffiti, street art and graphic design. For ART SAN DIEGO Thumbprint will present two local artists, Andrew Alcasid and Enosh, as the centerpiece of a participatory evening with collaborative mural painting, screen printing, and a zine/sticker art workshop. ARTISTS: Andrew Alcasid, Enosh, and the artists of San Diego Art Link

ArtLab 11. Building: San Diego
Sculpture, interactive board game, art/architecture exhibition, film screening & experimental music performance. Friday, Sept. 2 | 6-10PM | Woodbury University | 2212 Main Street, San Diego CA 92113, Elegant fiber and wood structures evoke coastal geography, while an interactive workshop fosters creative experimentation. See futuristic architectural models created by Woodbury faculty and students, and a film screening of Barrio Scenario Tres, a documentary about Barrio Logan's built environment. At 8pm, Ghost Magnet Roach Motel takes over the patio, using the building itself to generate sound and music. ARTISTS: Stephanie Bedwell, Tony Cozano, Ingrid Hoffmeister, Julio Orozco, Savannah Sincoff, Brian Sueda, Shinpei Takeda, and the faculty and students of Woodbury University.

ArtLab 12. Art(ist) in Context II
Performance, sculptural installation, photography, graphic design and alchemy as urban engagement. Friday, Sept. 2 | 7-10PM | Agitprop Space | 2837 University Avenue, San Diego CA 92104, Art(ist) in Context II is a collaborative performance and installation happening at the Agitprop space in North Park. Agitprop, founded by artist David White, reimagines the form of the gallery as tool for long-term engagement with a particular locality. This performance and installation will take as its starting point five very different artistic practices that utilize different approaches to extra-institutional engagement with various issues, groups and environments. ARTISTS: Melinda Barnadas, Eddie Miramontes, Andrew Printer, Jessica Sledge, and David White

ArtLab 13. FreeWaves
Art exhibition, experimental sound & video performances. Friday, Sept. 2 | 7-10PM | Art Produce Gallery | 3139 University Avenue, San Diego CA 92104, Art Produce Gallery presents the work of Todd Partridge, a local artist whose detailed charcoal drawings on plaster explore San Diego's freeway systems as a sinuous, linear artery. Fifty tiles will span the length of the main gallery, inviting viewers along a journey of structure, contrast, and context. Complementing the exhibition will be an interactive sound machine designed by Lynn Susholtz and David Krimmel and video presentations by various artists. ARTISTS: David Krimmel, Todd Partridge, and Lynn Susholtz

ArtLab 14. Adaptable Sites
Art exhibition, film screening & music performance. Saturday, Sept. 3 | 5-10pm | Periscope Project | 300 Block of 15th Street, San Diego CA 92101, Adaptable Sites is a double feature bringing together The Periscope Project Cooperative's first collaborative project: Drone Ready-Made: Fine Military Detritus with artist, archivist and filmmaker Bill Daniel's installation Tumbleweed Connection and film screening of the program Eden V.2. Through a showcase of media, performances and artifacts (including a modified transport crate for a Predator Drone UAV originally found on San Diego Craigslist), the exhibition will explore postindustrial collapse culture amidst San Diego: American's finest city. The Periscope Project's events for Art San Diego begin Wednesday August 31st. ARTISTS: Bill Daniel and the artists of The Periscope Project Cooperative

ArtLab 15. And Forth (or until one falls)
Temporary installation. Saturday, Sept. 3 | 5-10pm | 300 Block of 15th Street, San Diego CA 92101, San Diego has its share of top-down urban revitalization projects and creative restructuring of existing buildings by individuals. This constant state of flux has an effect on the people who live here, as well as those who shape and control the environment. And Forth (or until one falls) addresses our peculiar political, physical, and social indeterminacy. ARTIST: Claire Zitzow

ArtLab 16. Space 4 Art Cubed
Art exhibitions, open studios, site-specific installations, plus a multi-stage, multimedia performance featuring dance, music, video, light displays and spoken word. Saturday, Sept. 3 | 5-10pm | Space 4 Art | 325 15th Street, San Diego CA 92101, For ART SAN DIEGO, Space 4 Art opens its entire facility to create an exhilarating, multifaceted experience for local art enthusiasts and Fair attendees. INSIDE: Emanations: Paintings and Works on Paper. San Diego’s first-ever gallery exhibition featuring painter Marie Thibeault’s complex and layered abstractions of dramatic urban dissolution. 35 Open Studios—Space 4 Art tenant/artists invite the public to tour their working and living spaces. OUTSIDE: 8’x 8’ Space 4 Art hosts a unique outdoor exhibition in which eight artists and curators produced contemporary installations for a series of eight-foot wooden cubes constructed especially for the event. Featuring Armando de la Torre, Avantika Bawa, Lance Brewer, Damien Gilley, Jason Sherry, K & K Collective with Brian Dick and Wendell Kling, Lael Corbin, Samara Kaplan, and more. ONSTAGE: Adjacent Possible. Local musicians, dancers, designers, writers, and filmmakers present a multimedia performance which effectively weaves these disparate practices together on Space 4 Art’s ingenious multilevel stage.

ARTISTS: Dina Apple, Kristopher Apple, Leslie Armstrong, Emily Aust, Avantika Bawa, Angelica Bell, Lance Brewer, JFRE Coad, Lael Corbin, Armando de la Torre, Anne Gehman, Damien Gilley, Rachel Goldman, Christine Herde, Justin Hudnall, Maria Juan, K & K Collective with Brian Dick and Wendell Kling, Samara Kaplan, Christian Kjeldsen, Ariana Lamon-Anderson, Bob Leathers, Victoria Linder, Yesenia Padilla, Jason Sherry, Jessica Sledge, Gina Bolles Sorensen, Kyle Sorensen, Patrick Stewart, Marie Thibeault, Chris Warr, Chris Warren, and many more.

ArtLab 17. Twins in Twain
Cross-border bonding through videoconferencing, art, music & commerce. Saturday, Sept. 3 | 5:00 – 10:00 pm | The Front Gallery at Casa Familiar and La Casa del Tunel, Tijuana, Ten artists in San Diego and ten artists in Tijuana will each design and produce two identical t-shirts using silk-screening and mixed media. Only two shirts of each artist's design will exist. Twins in Twain will culminate in simultaneous events at The Front Gallery in San Ysidro and La Casa del Tunel in Tijuana. One exclusive shirt design will be shown and sold at the Front, and the identical shirt will be shown and sold at La Casa del Tunel. Everyone who purchases a shirt will know that somewhere out there is one (and only one) other person with an object identical to theirs. In this way, the show will produce 20 unique partnerships between cross-border strangers.

ARTISTS: Melinda Barnadas, Lani Bautista, Alberto Caro, Elizabeth Chaney, Angella d'Avignon, Angela Estes, Elyot Garcia, Terri Hughes-Oelrich, Tae Hwang, Raul Iduarte, David Krimmel, Toni Larios, Omar Lopez, Maxi Moraga, Gabriela Posadas del Real, Vanessa Ramos, Jonathan Ruiz de la Peña, Marcos Siref, Cristina Trecha, Miguelerick Ua, and Alejandro Zacarias.

ArtLab 19. Silfredo at the Airport
Dance and music performance. Friday, Sept. 2 | TIME: TBD | San Diego International Airport | TERMINAL 2 (Near International Gates)

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