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Film Director Guillermo del Toro's first museum retrospective opens at LACMA

Portrait of Guillermo del Toro at Bleak House. Photo © Josh White/

LOS ANGELES, CA.- The Los Angeles County Museum of Art announces Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters (August 1–November 27, 2016), the filmmaker’s first museum retrospective. The exhibition explores del Toro’s creative process by bringing together elements from his films, objects from his vast personal collections, drawings from his notebooks, and approximately 60 objects from LACMA’s permanent collection. The diverse range of media—including sculpture, paintings, prints, photography, costumes, ancient artifacts, books, maquettes, and film— totals approximately 500 objects and reflects the broad scope of del Toro’s inspirations. “To find beauty in the profane. To elevate the banal. To be moved by genre. These things are vital for my storytelling,” said del Toro. “This exhibition presents a small fraction of the things that have moved me, inspired me, and consoled me as I transit through life. It&# ... More

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"Colour: The Art and Science of Illuminated Manuscripts" opens at the Fitzwilliam Museum   National Museum of American History seeks historian for paid beer drinking   Centennial exhibition celebrates landmark acquisition of Benkaim collection of imperial Mughal paintings

The Macclesfield Psalter, The Anointing of David, England, East Anglia, probably Norwich, c.1330-1340. © Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.

CAMBRIDGE.- Dazzling treasures combining gold and precious pigments - some of the finest illuminated manuscripts in the world - have gone on display on Saturday 30 July in celebration of the Fitzwilliam Museum’s bicentenary. The majority of the exhibits are from the Museum’s own rich collections, and those from the founding bequest of Viscount Fitzwilliam in 1816 can never leave the building and can only be seen at the Museum. For the first time, the secrets of master illuminators and the sketches hidden beneath the paintings are revealed in a major exhibition presenting new art historical and scientific research. Spanning the 8th to the 17th centuries, the 150 manuscripts and fragments in COLOUR: The Art and Science of Illuminated Manuscripts guide us on a journey through time, stopping at leading artistic centres of medieval and Renaissance Europe. Exhibits highlight the incredible diversity of the Fitzwilliam’s ... More

The Washington, DC-based museum, part of the prestigious Smithsonian Institution, wants to hire a beer specialist for three years to taste beer in breweries across the country.

WASHINGTON (AFP).- Attention beer lovers: the National Museum of American History may have your dream job -- traveling the country drinking brews, all expenses paid. The job, which pays $64,650 a year, is no joke. The Washington, DC-based museum, part of the prestigious Smithsonian Institution, wants to hire a beer specialist for three years to taste beer in breweries across the country. "Brewing and beer have been an important part of the American experience since before the nation’s founding, and continue to shape industry and community life into the present day," said Susan Evans, the Smithsonian's director of Food History Programs. The lucky historian would write articles, gather archive material and conduct research into the history of food and drink for use in exhibits. Overwhelmed by a deluge of applicants, the museum's online job site crashed after news about the ... More

Nur Jahan holding a portrait of Emperor Jahangir, about 1627; borders added 1800s. Mughal India. Opaque watercolor and gold on paper; 30 x 22.1 cm (page); 13.6 x 6.4 cm (painting). The Cleveland Museum of Art, Gift in honor of Madeline Neves Clapp; Gift of Mrs. Henry White Cannon by exchange; Bequest of Louise T. Cooper; Leonard C. Hanna Jr. Fund; From the Catherine and Ralph Benkaim Collection, 2013.325 (recto).

CLEVELAND, OH.- Art and Stories from Mughal India presents the story of the Mughals— and stories for the Mughals—in 100 exquisite paintings from the 1500s to 1800s. The exhibition and accompanying Mughal painting collection catalogue celebrate the Cleveland Museum of Art’s centennial with works drawn from the 2013 landmark acquisition of the Catherine Glynn Benkaim and Ralph Benkaim Collection of Deccan and Mughal paintings, many exhibited and published for the first time. Complementing the paintings are 39 objects including costume, textiles, jewelry, arms and armor, architectural elements and decorative arts, some ... More

Drouot to offer the Collection of Prince Felix Yusupov and his wife Princess Irina of Russia   Three exhibitions take radically different perspectives on the idea of "home"   Exhibition by Mark Wallinger marks Freud Museum London's 30th anniversary

The items offered for sale during this auction are a real testimony of the private and official history of the Russian Empire.

PARIS.- More than 120 personal and historic items belonging to the Prince and Princess Yusupov will be offered for sale during this auction. Preserved by Victor Contreras, a friend of the princely couple, in Cuernavaca, Mexico, for 60 years, this collection is comprised of paintings, icons, and part of the Prince’s wardrobe, along with a set of 25 “grotesques” drawings made by the Prince himself at the end of the 1930’s. The Prince Felix and his wife, through their names and actions, are major figures of the Russian Empire history. They lived in the splendors of the royal imperial court, and ended up in a private hotel of the 16th arrondissement of Paris after the Revolution. Their incredible life trajectory, as well as the part they played in Rasputin’s assassination, is today legendary. In memory of her parents after their ... More

Claes Oldenburg, Clothespin – 4 Ft. – (Soft Version), 1975. Canvas painted with latex and filled with kapok with metal hanger and wooden clothespin, 56 1/2 x 16 x 4 in. (143.5 x 40.6 x 10 cm). Courtesy Paula Cooper Gallery, New York. Photograph by Steven Probert © 1975 Claes Oldenburg.

SAINT LOUIS, MO.- This summer, Pulitzer Arts Foundation presents three exhibitions of art that, while from different eras and in radically different styles and mediums, are all related to the material aspects of everyday life. They range from an exhibition devoted to Claes Oldenburg’s soft sculptures, depicting such common objects as a three-way plug, a fried egg, and a folding chair; to an intimate display of seven exquisite eighteenth-century French and Italian decorative-arts objects, among them a chamber pot, a potpourri vase, and an armchair; to a large-scale, site-specific installation by the Berlin-based architecture collective raumlaborberlin—commissioned by the Pulitzer—that transforms an ... More

Installation view. Photo: Karolina Urbaniak/Freud Museum London.

LONDON.- A special exhibition by Turner Prize winning artist Mark Wallinger marks the Freud Museum London’s 30th anniversary and the 160th anniversary of the birth of Sigmund Freud. The artist has created a transformative work for Freud’s study and a permanent sculpture to be situated in the Museum garden. For Self Reflection Wallinger installed a mirror across the entire ceiling of the iconic study offering visitors a dramatic new perspective effectively doubling the space. In the artist’s words: ‘The relative posture of the sitting analyst and the recumbent analysand are latent in Freud’s chair and the couch. We can easily imagine his patient’s self-reflection.’ The sculpture Self takes the form of the most basic expression of what it means to exist as an individual: the letter “I,” as a free-standing figure. It has been placed in the garden in clear view from Freud’s desk. In the context ... More

Gert & Uwe Tobias debut their most recent group of works in Munich   Japan exhibition mourns fading sex culture   Ancient Australian flesh-eating marsupial discovered

Gert & Uwe Tobias, Untitled (Munich Veduta VI), 2016. Woodcut on canvas, 78 ¾ x 66 ¼ in. Photo: Alistair Overbruck © Gert & Uwe Tobias / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn / Courtesy Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin.

MUNICH.- Exuberant fantasy, subtle lightness and humorous profundity distinguish the large-format woodcuts, luminous collages, and delicately nuanced typewriter drawings of Gert & Uwe Tobias. The artist duo has ranked internationally among the best-known German graphic artists for over a decade. Their pictorial worlds consistently cause a stir in the realm of contemporary art. To this day their inimitable signature style blurs the boundaries between “high-” and “low-brow” in contemporary art in an unprecedented manner and has lost nothing of its radicalism and consistency. Their most recent group of works, GRISAILLE, also holds true to the promise of the artists’ reputation. With this exhibition project, exclusively created for their Munich debut in the Staatliche Graphische Sammlung, Gert & Uwe Tobias rediscover the centuries-old technique of grisaille painting and repeatedly sound out new and ... More

Photographer Kyoichi Tsuzuki stands before his erotic photos at the Erotopia Japan exhibition in Tokyo.TORU YAMANAKA / AFP.

TOKYO (AFP).- A sex exhibition smack in the middle in one of Tokyo's hippest areas is shining a nostalgic light on Japanese erotica -- a culture the curator believes is dying out. Kyoichi Tsuzuki's "Erotopia Japan" deals with Japanese sexuality and fantasies, the gallery located in the heart of Shibuya's trendy fashion district plastered from floor to ceiling with eye-boggling prints, one wall dedicated to love hotel beds. "This kind of Showa period (1926-1989) culture is being wiped out, as Japan is held to a global standard," Tsuzuki told AFP. "We might not be able to save it from being killed off completely but we can preserve it for posterity." Against a backdrop of erotic photos, the centre of the exhibition is dominated by life-like female dolls tied up in bondage ropes and screaming in agony. Another sex doll is strapped to a table with a suction hose protruding from her crotch and plugged into a television. "Sex culture in the West and Asia are completely ... More

UNSW students Georgia Soares and Naomi Machin in Whollydooley Quarry. Photo: Mike Archer.

SYDNEY (AFP).- A new species of extinct flesh-eating marsupial that terrorised Australia's forests some five million years ago has been identified from a recently discovered fossil site, scientists said Tuesday. The animal, weighing 20 to 25 kilograms (44 to 55 pounds) and named Whollydooleya tomnpatrichorum, is a distant and bigger cousin of Australia's largest living flesh-eating marsupial -- the Tasmanian Devil. It is the first creature to be formally identified from a range of strange new animals whose remains have been found at a fossil site in remote northwestern Queensland. "W. tomnpatrichorum had very powerful teeth capable of killing and slicing up the largest animals of its day," said University of New South Wales professor Mike Archer, the lead author of a study into the find published in the Memoirs of Museum Victoria. The late Miocene period between 12 and five million years ago, when Australia began to dry out and megafauna began to evolve, is one of the least understood in the vast con ... More

Kunsthaus Bregenz exhibits works by Egyptian artist Wael Shawky   Hudson River Museum announces appointment of new Director   Eerie rendition locations as art in new London show

Wael Shawky, 2016. Installation view ground floor/detail, Kunsthaus Bregenz. Photo: Markus Tretter. Courtesy of Wael Shawky © Wael Shawky/Kunsthaus Bregenz.

BREGENZ.- The foreign and the other are currently topics of fierce discussion. The Egyptian artist Wael Shawky (born 1971) uses his filming of puppet theater to tell the story of the Crusades. In his film trilogy Cabaret Crusades, based on a book by the French-Lebanese writer Amin Maalouf, the story of the war is told from an Arab perspective. The puppets are clad in sumptuously oriental clothing, their heads evoking molten crystal rocks or honey-colored amber, which Shawky has had fabricated from Murano glass. Two parts of the Cabaret Crusades trilogy are being screened in Bregenz: part three, Secrets of Karbala, tells the story of the second (1147 — 1149) and third (1189 — 1192) Crusades, which finally ended in 1204 with the destruction of Constantinople. Pope Innocent III had called for the conquest of the Holy Land, using the Venetian fleet. However, the enterprise ... More

Ms. Turchinsky joins the Hudson River Museum following 19 years at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

YONKERS, NY.- The Hudson River Museum announced the appointment of Masha Turchinsky to the post of Director to succeed Michael Botwinick. Mr. Botwinick, the longest serving Director in the Museum’s history came to the Museum in 2001. He has announced his plans to retire at the end of this year. Turchinsky will join the Museum in mid-September as Director designate working together with Botwinick to complete program planning for the next two seasons. They will also focus on the design phase of the Museum’s $5.5 million expansion in partnership with the City of Yonkers to create new climate-controlled special exhibition galleries, expanded space for the permanent collection, a 100-seat performance space and the first special purpose art storage space in the Museum’s nearly 100 year history. Turchinsky will assume the Directorship in January 2017. Ms. Turchinsky joins the Museum ... More

Home, Guantanamo © Edmund Clark, courtesy of Flowers.

LONDON (AFP).- A haunting picture of a forest and photographs of Guantanamo Bay -- eerie rendition locations lift the veil in art form on government methods to counteract terror. "Extraordinary rendition involved very ordinary places," says artist Edmund Clark, pointing at the forest picture, part of a new exhibition, "War of Terror," which opened in London on Thursday. The exhibition's loose sequence starts with the theme of extraordinary rendition followed by photographs of the Guantanamo Bay prison and ends with the experience of a man subject to a form of house arrest for suspected jihadists in Britain. Award-winning British photographer Clark uses multimedia installations to portray "the unseen processes, sights, and forms of control and incarceration" used by governments in the name of counter-terrorism. Extraordinary rendition, whereby suspects were transferred covertly to a third country or to US-run detention centres, became controversial immediately after it ... More

The artist draws what he has to make others see. Edgar Degas

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Museum sketches bright future for art in Indonesia
JAKARTA (AFP).- From Jakarta to Bali and Yogyakarta, the Indonesian art world is flourishing. Buoyed by a growing, affluent middle class at home as well as interest from international buyers, numerous boutique galleries and artists' communities have sprung up, while events such as the Jakarta Biennale, the annual ArtJog fair, and Bazaar Art Jakarta have fuelled interest. But critics warn a lack of government funding and high-quality art museums means many Indonesians are missing out. Businessman Haryanto Adikoesoemo is determined to change that: next year he will open the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara (Museum MACAN). "The Indonesian art (scene) now is one of the biggest and the best in Southeast Asia but we are lacking institutions to support this," he told AFP. He added that while the country was home to a "vibrant" ... More

Ramesh Nithiyendran exhibition opens at the National Gallery of Australia
CANBERRA.- An installation of five monumental ceramic sculptures by Ramesh Nithiyendran, Mud men, is on display from this weekend until 29 January 2017. The work was commissioned specifically for the NGA. Nithiyendran is a Sydney-based artist, primarily working in sculpture and installation. While he is a staunch atheist, Nithiyendran’s work comments on the Hindu and Christian religions. He is known for his recurring use of the phallus motif to provoke discussion around sex, gender, religion and colonialism. Ramesh is at the forefront of an Australian ceramics revival which is challenging orthodox views of ceramics as ‘craft’. His approach to making is experimental and explores the boundaries of what is possible with clay. Mud men comprises five large-scale ceramic sculptures, including four new works alongside Self-portrait with third leg 2 2016. Each ... More

Honolulu Biennial announces curator, dates, and installation locations
HONOLULU.- Honolulu Biennial 2017, organized by the Honolulu Biennial Foundation (HBF), announced today the formal title and dates for the inaugural edition of the multi-site, contemporary visual arts festival. Titled, Middle of Now | Here, the Biennial will run from March 8 through May 8, 2017 throughout various locations within the city. Additionally, the Honolulu Biennial announced the appointment of Ngahiraka Mason as Curator for the event. Mason previously served, for more than 20 years, as Curator of Indigenous Art, Maori Art at Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki. She joins the Biennial’s Curatorial Director Fumio Nanjo, Director of Tokyo’s Mori Art Museum, in developing the vision and experience, and in selecting participating artists. Local Hawai’i-based and Native Hawaiian artists will be featured alongside emerging, midcareer, and leading national and international ... More

Foundation reaches appeal target for Michael Zavros "Bad Dad"
BRISBANE.- The 2016 Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art Foundation Appeal has secured the striking self-portrait Bad dad 2013 by Queensland artist Michael Zavros for the Gallery’s Collection. Since launching in April 2016, 170 donations have been received in support of the Appeal. QAGOMA Foundation President Tim Fairfax AC said he was delighted with the generosity of benefactors who ensured the success of the campaign. The Appeal also attracted donations from other supporters, including a number of first-time donors to the Gallery. QAGOMA Director Chris Saines CNZM said it was the first time a work by a contemporary Queensland artist had been the sole focus of a QAGOMA Foundation Appeal. ‘The acquisition of Michael Zavros’s intriguing painting strengthens our holdings of ... More

Frieze Film 2016: Artists announced
LONDON.- Frieze has announced the international artists participating in Frieze Film 2016: Samson Kambalu, Rachel Maclean, Shana Moulton and Ming Wong. A series of new artist films premiered at Frieze London and broadcast on national television, Frieze Film is curated for the first time by Raphael Gygax as part of Frieze Projects, the fair's celebrated non-profit programme. In 2016 Frieze Film continues its long-standing partnership with Random Acts, Channel 4's short-form strand dedicated to the arts. Frieze London will take place in The Regent’s Park from October 6–9, 2016. Rooted in the art-historical tradition of video performance, this year's Frieze Film artists use their own bodies on screen. For her Frieze Film commission, Californian artist Shana Moulton will continue the series "Whispering Pines" (2002–), performing her alter ego "Cynthia"—a bored, hypochondriac housewife—to ... More

Positive Images for Field and Forest: Sharon Ya'ari exhibits at National Gallery of Art, Vilnius
VILNIUS.- The solo show of the Israeli artist Sharon Ya'ari at the biggest museum of modern and contemporary art in Lithuania—the National Gallery of Art—is organized as an important artistic event bridging the Lithuanian and Israeli contemporary cultural scenes. The photographer Sharon Ya'ari (b. 1966) is a prominent figure in the contemporary art scene of Israel. The major solo show that took place at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 2013, previous shows at the Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel, the Lisson Gallery, London and other shows at significant venues in Europe and the United States highlighted the originality of the artistic work done by this contemporary artist. Sharon Ya'ari's large-format images represents a complex and multilayered cultural research of places and time, and it challenges the possibilities of the photographic medium itself. In a highly individual and ... More

A lesser known oeuvre of Betty Woodman proves perfect foil for century-old garden
SHORT HILLS, NJ.- Greenwood Gardens, an historic public garden located astride the second ridge of the Watchung Mountains an hour outside New York City, presents the exhibition Betty Woodman: In the Garden from August 1 through November 15, 2016. In the Garden will feature six of seven cast bronze and hand painted benches created by the acclaimed artist Betty Woodman over the last seventeen years, sited amid Italianate garden terraces, ornamental trees and shrubs, and meandering moss-covered paths. As well as marking the largest showing in the U.S. of these bronze benches, the exhibition also includes a unique bronze table and two large decorated outdoor clay flowerpots. “It is a special pleasure to see these formally inventive and colorful benches where the artist intended them to be—in a garden, not a gallery. Our visitors are invited to look, touch, sit and rest,” says ... More

Kawano Shoko's first solo show with TAI Modern opens in Santa Fe
SANTA FE, NM.- TAI Modern announces its new exhibition by Kawano Shoko. This is the artist’s first solo show with TAI Modern. “The perfect marriage of traditional and contemporary; craftsmanship and sculpture; the past and the future,” is how 2002 Cotsen Bamboo Prize Judge, Bruce Pepich, director of the Racine Art Museum, described Kawano Shoko’s work. A master of open twill plaiting, Kawano creates intricate and elegant bamboo vessels. Seemingly one shape at first glance, the vessels subtly shift from one simple geometric shape to another.Suddenly a rectangular box becomes a globe; complicated and intricate details appear upon closer inspection. Kawano’s masterful spacing of the bamboo lends itself to making his vessels appear both transparent and solid. Lacelike weavings carry a whole new vocabulary of shape, color, space and texture, and the emotion and ... More

Auschwitz survivors tell pope tales from the abyss
OSWIECIM (AFP).- They survived the inferno of Nazi Germany's most notorious extermination camp and lived to tell Pope Francis their stories. Former prisoners of Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland were embraced by the Argentine pontiff Friday as he visited the concentration camp to pray for the 1.1 million people, most of them Jewish, who were murdered at the site during World War II. "I feel like the Pope came especially to see me," said Janina Iwanska, 86, who was brought to the camp as a teenager following the failed Warsaw Uprising against Adolf Hitler's forces in 1944. Fellow survivor Alojzy Fros, who turns 100 this year, said the memories of death were seared into his mind. "Through an open door I saw naked bodies piled up like logs about a metre high," he told AFP. "I'll never forget it". Some were visibly moved by their return to the site, now a museum and memorial, in the ... More

James Turrell on Moving Towards a New Landscape



On a day like today, French painter and sculptor Jean Dubuffet was born
July 31, 1901. Jean Philippe Arthur Dubuffet (31 July 1901 - 12 May 1985) was a French painter and sculptor. His idealistic approach to aesthetics embraced so called "low art" and eschewed traditional standards of beauty in favor of what he believed to be a more authentic and humanistic approach to image-making. In this image: A young lady looks at "Paysage charbonneux" by French artist Jean Dubuffet dated 1946, and valued at 3.5 million Marks (1.5 million Dollars) at the 34th International fair for modern art "Art Cologne" in Cologne, Germany, Friday, November 3, 2000.

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